22 Free Printable Disney Pennants

How to Make Your Own Disney Pennant Banner

Free Disney Pennants
More Free Disney Pennants for Free Download

All artwork for these Disney pennants and banners was created by Picture the Magic.
Free download here.

I made the artwork for these Disney pennants and character banners because I wanted a fun way to decorate our stateroom door on a recent Disney Cruise. It will also work for Disney princess parties, or any other Disney decorations.

And now, I'm making the Disney pennants free for you.

This DIY Disney banner pennant is simple to make. Just download the free artwork here, print it, and assemble following the instructions below.

Each pennant banner is approximately 6"x8".


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22 Free Printable Disney Banner PennantsFree Disney Pennant Banners

Download our FREE Disney Character Banner Pennants

Enjoy our free downloadable Disney Pennants and Banners!
Intended for your personal use only. No commercial use allowed. Copyright PicturetheMagic.com

22 Free Printable Disney DIY Pennant Banners

How to Make Your Banner Pennant

Here's what you'll need:
1. White cardstock paper
2. String, twine or ribbon
3. Pencil and scissors
4. Gluestick or tape
5. Magnets

First, Watch this Short Overview

Duration: 1 Minute

Step by Step Instructions

Download the artwork

Click this button and follow the instructions for the download.

Download It

Once you have downloaded the zip file containing the free artwork, unzip the files to a convenient location on your computer.

Print the PDF files on cardstock

Inside the download is a PDF of each Disney banner pennant artwork. They are provided as individual single PDFs, one for each character. You can pick and choose which banners you wish print (without using up printer ink unnecessarily).

We highly recommend you print your banners on white cardstock.

Free Disney Pennants: Download and Print
Cut out each Disney pennant

Simply cut along the edges of your pennant. Be sure to include top flap.

Free DIY Disney Pennants: Print and Cut Out
Tightly fold top flap

The top portion of each pennant should be folded over to make as tight a crease as possible.

DIY Disney Pennants TemplateFold top flap of Disney Pennant
Trim up the flaps

Sometimes when you fold the top flap, you’ll notice the flap doesn’t line up perfectly with the shape of the main pennant. Simply trim this excess with scissors.

Trim up the flaps of your Disney pennats
Layout your string and pennants in desired order

Place your string flat at your desired length and organize your pennants in the order you’d like. I made mine 43" long and it fits five banners nicely.

Free Disney Banner Pennant: Layout and select your order
Glue or tape your pennants to the string

If you’ve printed on heavy cardstock, this step isn’t always necessary, as the top flap of your pennant will usually hang on the string just fine.

For added permanence, however, use a gluestick to keep the pennant hanging properly in your desired location on the string. This keeps the pennant from being knocked off or sliding around.

Add glue to the top flap. Position the string inside the crease at your desired location. Then press the flap to the pennant to make it stick.

Free Disney Pennant: Glue your pennants
If using on a Disney Cruise, add magnets

Disney Cruise Lines allows you to decorate your stateroom door; in fact, they encourage it! They do not allow, however, any glue or tape or other adhesives to their doors. Most cabins have doors or surrounding walls that are perfect for magnetic stickiness.

So, I recommend that you stick your pennant to your stateroom door by adding simple magnet to each end of your pennant.

Grab yourself some very inexpensive magnets that have peel-off adhesive on one side and magnetic on the other.

Free Disney Banner: Print it and add your own magnet

Ready? Let's do this.

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Maria Neves

My kids loved them and guessed all the characters. Thanks a bunch.🥰

Last edited 1 year ago by Maria Neves
Alisha Molen

Excellent – sounds like it was a really fun time ❤️


They could not be download and made . It was frustrating .


Loved these!

Alisha Molen

Yay! I’m so glad you loved these.

Sonya Wright

In order to get the best colors, I sent them off to the UPS store to be printed, and they turned out great!!! I used them for my Disney themed Trunk or Treat and they were a great addition!

Brittanie L

Used these for my daughters 4th birthday party to make a banner around the tables! they were so cute!!!


These were great. Thank you

Arlene Strege

I’ve downloaded and printed. Need to assemble. They are very cute. Thank you for creating items we can use to make our cruises special!

Alisha Molen

Glad that you’re enjoying it!


We loved them! Thank you!


Hi, I think these are the cutest! It also gave me an idea on how to recreate them using other things…like felt! Here is the Woody and Buzz one I made. I will sew them to other fabric to attach to a string. (I also added Woody’s badge)

Alisha Molen

That is adorable! Thank you for sharing 🙂


They were super awesome! Love them!


Used them at camp and they were great!


Loved all the banners! Thank you


Love them! Will use them for my kid’s birthday party next month. Getting a head start.