How to Resell Your Disney Vacation Club Membership

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This is the ultimate guide for completing a Disney Vacation Club resale.

Are you considering a DVC resale of your own membership?

Or perhaps you’re thinking about making a purchase in the Disney Vacation Club, but want to know if a Disney timeshare resale is a possibility if your vacation needs change in the future. 50 years, after all, is a long time.

Disney has thought of this and is ahead of you about selling your DVC membership.

In fact, it’s pretty common.

Changes in financial situations, health conditions, where you live, or simple vacation preferences may permanently impact your ability or desire to use your DVC membership in the future.

Never fear, it IS possible to sell your interest in this membership program. (Yes, this includes Aulani.)

It’s worth remembering that a Disney Vacation Club resale is a legal process that can be a bit lengthy. Deciding to make this happen and executing cannot happen overnight. Please read this information carefully on Disney resale before your purchase.

In this article, we’ll break down everything you need to know to help you decide if you should resell and, if yes, how to accomplish it.

Let’s dive in!


Why Sell a Disney Vacation Club Membership?

There is a wide variety of reasons someone may need to sell their Disney Vacation Club membership. Things change…like these:

  • Frequency of vacations
  • Work obligations
  • Financial situation
  • Family or relationship status
  • Kids grow up

10 Day Right to Cancel

We do want to add a tiny side note here; if you have severe second thoughts immediately after buying your membership, there is a ten day “right to cancel” included in the closing.

This means that you have ten days to back out of the transaction. This has become popular in several states when dealing with real estate contracts and is part of the legal real estate code.

Aulani Resort is a DVC resort

How Much Money Can You Make on a DVC Resale?

This is the first question in selling any real estate, including Disney timeshare resales – what can I make from the sale?

This information depends on:

  • how long you have had your membership
  • the remaining points available for the current year
  • the remaining points available in future years

There is a great tool HERE that might help give you an idea of the value of your membership.

For a quick example, if you have a 100-point contract right now with points in place to use for this year, next and the following year the contract is worth approximately $123 per point or $12,300 all depending on the home resort and how many years are left on the contract.

The reason the length of time matters is just an indicator of how much you paid for this 100-point contract in the beginning.

Obviously, you have taken numerous vacations and hopefully saw cost savings on this membership, and now to get a return on part of the value is worth it for you.

In other shorter terms since the contract is bought, this may equate to a loss. Even if you have stripped or used points for the current year, and next you might have value to be found in selling your membership.

How to Resell a DVC Membership

Your DVC contract is a legal real estate contract and will require some legal processes to sell.

Just like with selling a home, you can do this yourself, but need to ensure you do everything exactly as required by the terms of your contract.

And naturally, just like other real estate sales, there are brokerages and agents that obtain training and licensure to sell these memberships on your behalf. Legitimate agencies will take a commission from the sale, but not charge fees up front. Additionally, like with listing of your home they will know how to reach the right sellers, and maximize the sale of your membership.

If you do decide to forego an agency it is highly recommended that an attorney review all documents before you file the contract. Please note that closing costs of several hundred dollars to cover costs will be charged on this membership sale. These fees apply whether you transact the sale yourself with a Title Company or have an agent list and sell your membership.

One of these important steps required in this sale is filing the contract directly with Disney before the final contract executed transferring ownership.

Per all Disney Vacation Club contracts, they do hold first right of refusal to buy your membership back themselves. Disney’s first right of refusal allows them to help keep the values of their properties, ensuring they see all contracts gives them some control over this. The process by which they decide to step in as the buyer exercising their right of refusal reasons are not officially known but must be sent for review on every contract. Even if deciding to navigate a sale of your membership on your own this step will need to be followed. We are going to supply you with a step by step below for help in this process. 

Additionally, many Disney Vacation Club members will have multiple contracts.

If you buy 100 points the first year and then find the resorts and vacation you wish to take require on average another 100, you can buy a second contract for those added points.

When selling your membership(s) you do not have to sell all membership contracts at the same time, so a partial sale of a single contract is separate from any other contracts you may hold. 

Sites that Help You to Resell Your DVC

There are a lot of sites to help with selling your membership. Here is a good list to get you started: 

  • DVC Resale: 100 years of joint DVC experience with staff trained by Disney. Over 3,000 sold contracts in 2019.
  • Disney Vacation Club: the actual membership site for membership and logging into your account, also has this section answering questions on reselling. 
  • Boasting over 25 years experience and an average selling timeline of 30 days. 
  • DVC Sales: they have 25 years experience and have some great FAQ sections to help answer many questions sellers may have.

Alternatives to DVC Resale

If you are not wishing to get rid of your membership but cannot currently use your points, there are a couple of alternatives. You can transfer points or rent out your points.

1. Transfer Points

A Transfer can only happen when one DVC member gifts or transfers these points to another existing DVC member.

The rules do say you are not supposed to receive payment for these points, however it is widely known that usually there is compensation for the transfer of these points.

This transaction of funds would have to be between the two DVC members.

It should be said that neither Disney nor agents will be able to mediate a transaction dispute with transfers.

All DVC contracts expressly say that once a transfer is done, there is no ability to undo this transaction. Proceed with caution, and ensure you trust the DVC member when exercising this option. 

2. Rent Out DVC Points

The other choice which is renting points is more widely moderated. There are sites like David’s Vacation Club Rentals where you can list what points you have available to rent.

This allows you to receive compensation for points you were not able to use, and even future points you cannot vacation in time to use.

In exchange, renters can use the reservation rates for resorts reserved for Disney Vacation Club members without the charges and hassle of booking through other sources, at costs higher than what they pay to rent these points.

You maintain the membership rights that you would transfer should you sell and can restart using them again down the road. 

Read our full guide on renting out your DVC points.

Step by Step Process for Reselling Your DVC Membership

Here is the basic resale process for selling of a membership:

  1. List the points for sale/membership details. 
    • If doing this yourself, you want to line up a reputable Title Company. 
    • If having an agent do the listing, they will recommend a service provider in most cases. 
  2. Accept a verbal or written offer. 
  3. An official contract needs to be written up and all conditions of the sale laid out in detail. 
    • Must include the following items:
      • Purchase Price 
      • Terms of the Sale
      • DVC Points Status at time of sale
      • Deed information
  4. Contract needs the signatures of both parties (buyer and seller) 
    • Separate copies sent to Title Company (no notary needed at this stage)
  5. Signed copy of the Contract sent to Disney
    • This process should take 30 days or less to find out if they will be exercising right of refusal, or not. 
      • If exercised, seller loses nothing as Disney pays the terms of the contract out. 
      • If exercised, buyer loses the deal, gets a full refund of any funds held and must find a new seller and contract to negotiate.
  6. Based on step 5, final closing documents are drafted listing all buyer and seller conditions, sale price and other details. 
  7. Transaction complete through signing, notarizing and buyer giving payment with the signed documents. 

Seven quick steps, which can take time and must be done to ensure that your sale is done legally.

Ensuring that all documents are legal and binding, you need to have a licensed title company do the work even if you are doing a sale by owner and not agent.

You do not want to leave anything to chance that could go wrong with the membership down the road and cost more than doing it right the first time. 


There you have it.

Yes, you can sell your membership in Disney Vacation Club if that time comes when for financial or other reasons this is no longer a worthwhile investment for your family in future vacation options.

There are transfer and rental options also that may allow you to divest years’ worth of points but keep the membership.

Your sale price for selling is based on points available on the membership in current and future years along with the home resort, which depicts how many years are left on the membership.

Finally, you can employ an agent or other service providers to guide you through this process, just as you would with a home purchase. If you try to undertake this process yourself though, we did supply essential steps to be followed for this sale. The most important is ensuring Disney is supplied the contract and first right of refusal prior to completing any sale of Disney Vacation Club memberships.  

Finally, check out all the helpful information sites provided throughout this document. Know the information available, including agencies to help answer even more questions. 

So…what questions do you have about reselling a Disney Vacation Club membership?

Post them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer.

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Such good info, especially right now! Thanks for all the info!

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