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Disney Plus Gift Card

Subscription cards make it easy to gift a 1-year Disney Plus subscription to anyone.

Disney+ now offers digital gift subscription cards.

You can buy a Disney Plus gift card for a loved one.

Each gift card is good for a one-year subscription to Disney+, Disney's new streaming service.
The Fine Print:
  • Valid for new Disney+ subscribers only. US only.
  • Disney+ Subscription Cards cannot be used to purchase the Disney bundle
  • Gift Subscription Cards do not include a 7-day free trial
  • This is a digital gift card only
All about the Disney Plus Gift Card!

Image: Disney

The perfect Disney Christmas gift!

How to Get a Disney Plus Gift Card


Click THIS BUTTON to get a Disney+ gift card:

Physical gift cards are also available for purchase in US Disney Store and select Disneyland and Walt Disney Stores.

Step by Step Guide to Get a Disney Plus Gift Card

How to Give a Disney Plus Subscription Gift Card

Are you wondering how or where to buy Disney plus gift cards?

We got you covered here:

Step 1) Visit the Disney+ Signup Page

The first step to obtain the Disney+ gift offer is to visit the official Disney Plus signup page.

Once you do, you'll be taken to a screen where you should select the option to "Give the Gift of Disney+".

Looks like this:

Gift the gift of Disney Plus subscription.

Step 2) Enter Your Information

You'll be asked for your name and email address.

Steps to buying a Disney+ subscription gift card

Next, add the name and email address of the gift card recipient:

Step 2: Create a free Disney+ account to get a free Disney plus trial

Now, enter the date you'd like your recipient to receive the gift subscription. They will be notified by email. You can also add a personalized message to go with the notification:

Give the gift of Disney+ gift subscription

Step 3) Add Billing Information

Add your credit card information for billing purposes.

Step 3: Add billing information to gift a Disney+ subscription to someone.

Step 4) Feel Happy Knowing Your Loved One will Enjoy Disney+ Content

See how easy it is to give a 1-year subscription for Disney plus?

When you gift Disney plus...

Your gift recipient will enjoy unlimited content for the duration of the subscription period.

Also, this offer is only available to residents of the United States.

Build Disney Vacation Hype with Disney+ Gift Subscription

Planning a Disney vacation? Build excitement with your children and whole family by giving them a gift subscription to the Disney plus streaming service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this right for?

Need a last minute birthday or holiday gift? Or maybe you know someone who loves Disney but just hasn't yet taken the plunge on Disney Plus?

How long does it take for the gift card to arrive?

You get to decide when the card arrives! You'll enter a desired delivery date, and Disney will send your recipient an email on that day, along with instructions about how to redeem their gift subscription.

Can you add onto an existing Disney+ subscription?

Unfortunately these gift subscriptions can't be used to pay for an existing subscription.

Are there any restrictions?

Your gift subscription can only be redeemed by new subscribers.