50 Magical Disney Coronado Springs Tips

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With the updates and refit in 2019, we aren’t surprised that Coronado Springs is now on your list of must-stay resorts!

However, in such a large resort as Disney Coronado Springs, it is important to know all the tips and tricks to navigate the area.

From choosing where to stay to getting around Disney property, we’ve got all the insider tips to make sure you have an amazing Disney vacation!

Disney Coronado Springs Tips:

Before You Go: Tips for Planning Your Coronado Springs Visit

1. Choosing Your Room

As the second largest resort on property, Coronado Springs has a lot of choice when it comes to rooms.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, one of my top tips is to think about what you want out of your Coronado Springs stay, and your vacation in general.

Do you want quiet and privacy? Then maybe a Ranchos room would work for you. Do you want to have a lot room space? Invest in a suite. Do you want extras and luxury perks? The Club Level in Gran Destino Tower is perfect!

In the end, you have to decide what works best with your style of vacation and your priorities on your trip.

2. Should I Stay in the Tower?

I get it – Gran Destino Tower is breathtaking, and definitely draws attention. However, it may not be the right room choice for you!

Gran Destino has more of that conventional hotel feel, albeit with Disney quality, flair, and finesse.

However, if you like the vacation-village feeling of Disney resorts, you’re better off choosing from one of the other three sections.

Personally, the style of the Cabanas draws my eye, although that is my preference. If you like the stately luxury of a high-end hotel, then Gran Destino is perfect for you!

3. Have Your Own Car? You Don’t Need Preferred

In addition to the other types of rooms at Coronado Springs, you can also get was is called a preferred room.

Preferred rooms put you closer to El Centro, the central building of the resort, which means you are closer to dining, shopping, and Disney’s transportation.

However, if you have your own car, this doesn’t always make sense. Since you have your own transportation, you can park in the lot closest to your room anyway. In fact, you may end up further from your car if you choose preferred.

Remember – preferred has nothing to do with the quality of the room, it is about the location of the room.

Save the cash, skip preferred.

4. On the Other Hand…

If you don’t have your own car, the opposite is true.

Getting that preferred room is definitely worth the boost to put you closer to the central hub of the resort, particularly if you want to use some of the centralized amenities.

Places like the spa, fitness center, and several of the dining options are all in the Casitas or El Centro areas of the resort. If you’re going to use these regularly throughout your visit, then you want a preferred location.

This is an instance where an upgrade has both form and function, so take advantage of the chance.

5. Water View?

Like other resorts, Coronado Springs has view choices along with their room categories. There’s standard and water view, where you can look out over the pools or the other areas of the resort (including the parking lot). Once more, views in this instance are about location, not necessarily literal view.

Again, if you’re driving, I say go for standard. It’s all about the proximity from the transportation to your room. If not, and you have kids that love to swim, water view can potentially put you closer to the pool in your section. Also, if you don’t pick pool view, it’s possible you won’t be close to a pool at all. Consider your priorities for your trip, and choose the view that works for you.

6. Four Means Four

Pay close attention to this tip!

The standard rooms at Disney Coronado Springs Resort can hold four people. That’s it.

While it used to be possible, Disney resorts no longer offer rollaway beds or cots to sleep extra people, and you can’t book the room for more than four.

The only exception to this would be children three and under, for which you can bring a pack n’ play or ask for a crib.

Essentially, if you want more people in a room, you’re going to have to book a suite.

7. Make a Budget

Going back to the first of our tips, making a budget is important. This applies to any Disney vacation, but especially here at Coronado Springs.

You might be thinking This is a moderate resort – it won’t be that expensive, right? In some senses, yes, that is true.

However, suites and Club Level accommodations have their price, so make sure you are aware of that going in.

For those that really want that extra room space that the larger suites offer, you might have to sacrifice a park day or signature dining experience. If you’re ok with that, then go for it! If not, you might want to consider getting two smaller rooms for less money.

8. Use DVC Points

While Coronado Springs does not have Disney Vacation Club (DVC) specific locations, it’s always one of my tips to use points if you can! If you’re a DVC owner, it just makes sense to use the points if you have them. If you’re not an owner, renting the points is often still cheaper than paying face value.

Depending on the time of year, Coronado Springs can be as low as 18 points a night! For renters, that puts the rooms about $300 a night, which is cheaper than the sticker price through Disney. If you have DVC connections and can rent at a lower rate, then you’ll save even more!

9. Use an Agent or Travel Site

Now, if you don’t have DVC points or connections, you might be looking for another way to save money on your nightly stay.

That’s when using a travel site or travel agency can help you out.

Agencies like Off to Neverland and EZ-Dis have direct connections to Disney World and its resorts, and often will book your dining reservations and other reservations in addition to your resort.

Travel sites like TripAdvisor can also help you score deals, so check these out before booking directly with Disney!

10. Planning an Event? Consider Coronado!

With the convention center right on sight, Coronado Springs is a perfect location for a company event, business meeting, or special occasion bash.

The grounds are beautiful, a lovely backdrop for a wedding or quinceanera, and the ballrooms do not disappoint. For corporate gatherings, the meeting space vary in size to accommodate your needs, as well as having state of the art technology for presentations.

The convention center has its own parking, which is convenient for off-site guests. You can also book rooms at the resort for all attending your event, rolling work and play all into one, or just keeping the celebration going!

11. Plan Your Week

Particularly since Coronado Springs is over in the Animal Kingdom area, you’ll want to know what days you will be doing which activities before your trip.

This puts you a bit further away from most of the other attractions, so travel time is going to be a factor. With the current park pass system, knowing which days will be park days (and which park you’ll be in) is important. As more people are comfortable traveling, we’re going to see more of these days maxing out, so get that park pass early!

Planning ahead can also help you plan in terms of transportation, since your options are limited to just the Disney buses or your own transportation. Also, try not to plan too many park days in a row. A day off in between will do you a world of good!

12. Make Reservations

Along with the previous tip, you really want to make sure you book your must-do experiences in advance.

Many of the restaurants at Coronado Springs are popular experiences, especially with on-site guests, so don’t wait to book.

Also, if you want to use the spa or salon, be sure to book in advance. Same-day appointments are limited, so don’t think you can walk-in.

We don’t want you to be overwhelmed with planning, or think you don’t have flexibility, but there are some things you do have to account for ahead of time.

13. Plan and Coordinate Outfits!

Honestly, this is one of my favorite tips, whether you’re staying at Coronado Springs or elsewhere on property.

Planning out your outfits for each day is a great idea. This makes packing easier, and also helps to coordinate the family for pictures. This tip is particularly good with kids, as it simplifies packing and getting ready while on your trip!

I even like to divide particular outfits into bags, labeled for the day I’m going to wear them. I know it seems excessive, but believe me, it helps with organization.

It sounds cheesy now, but you’ll be happy when you get your photos back!

14. Special Celebrations

I always recommend this, no matter what resort you choose! When you book, be sure to specify if you’re having a celebration during your stay. A birthday, anniversary, honeymoon – any celebration will be marked by special decorations in your room.

Disney balloons
Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

Since the celebration styles tend to be themed along with the resort, you’ll end up with fun decorations to go along with whatever you are already celebrating.

At Coronado Springs, you’ll find yourself having your own fiesta right in your room! Especially with kids, this sort of Disney magic goes a long way.

15. Plan Rainy Day Fun

The odds are likely that it will rain at least once during your trip. With that in mind, make sure you plans or activities for these days!

While the pools don’t always close for rain, they will close for thunder, so even if you and your family like rain-swimming you need backups.

Over in by the Lost City of Cibola pool, you can find the Iguana Arcade, where you can play games with your family. Sometimes there are indoor events for kids over in El Centro, so check with the front desk when you check in.

With the size of this resort, it’s also a great chance to do a scavenger hunt or explore the buildings – just be conscious of other guests.

If you drove, I also recommend bringing cards or board games you can play in your room while you wait for the weather to clear.

16. Pack Snacks

Since all the rooms at Coronado Springs have mini-fridges, one of my top tips is to bring your own snacks. This will save you time, money, and headaches.

Have items you can eat for breakfast so you can get out the door sooner. Bring small things to nibble at the pool. Make sure you have granola bars or something semi-substantial for the parks. You can even bring your own cereal or oatmeal and get a small milk from El Mercado de Coronado, the main counter service location, which is something my family always did.

Prepping with these snacks means you’ll be less tempted to buy Disney food for every meal, which takes its toll on your belly and your wallet.

17. Download the My Disney Experience App

The My Disney Experience app has become a crucial component to any Walt Disney World vacation!

From purchasing tickets and making dining reservations, to obtaining a coveted Rise of the Resistance boarding pass, the app is essential. You definitely want to download this app before your trip, because there is so much you can do before you even start to pack.

My Disney Experience is important at your resort as well, as you can use it for Online Check-in and even as your room key.

For Coronado Springs, you’re going to want to take advantage of the map features on the app. As this is a large resort, the app will help you navigate through the different areas and get where you want to go.

Life’s a Fiesta – Tips for Vacationing at Disney Coronado Springs

Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World
Photo by Stone Hood on Unsplash

18. Online Check-in

One of the first things you should do when you arrive is check in. You can actually use the My Disney Experience app to do this weeks ahead of time. However, I suggest waiting until your flight comes in or you’re driving onto Disney property. From there, you can check back periodically to see if you have been assigned your room.

This is great, because you can skip the front desk and head straight to the pool or the parks. You can even leave your luggage at the concierge if your room isn’t ready and you have places to go!

19. Take a Picture of the Room

It will never look this nice again, so you should take a picture of your room before you settle in.

The theming in the room is awesome, especially with the reimagining. The Hispanic elements come through in an artful way, while the Disney elements blend nicely with the décor.

There’s nothing kitschy or stereotypical about the theming, the Imagineers tried to make everything as authentic as possible. With that in mind, before you dump your stuff everywhere (which we all know is going to happen) take some photos!

Get a sneak peak at one of the Coronado Springs rooms in this video tour!

20. Travel Hangers

For those that really like to hang up their clothes, or you’re worried that the resort won’t have enough hangers, grab some of these travel hangers before your trip. Super compact, they fold up perfectly to fit in your suitcase. When you arrive, just unfold the hangers and click them into place, and there you go!

You have more hanging space at Coronado Springs than some of the value resorts, but it’s not particularly expansive. Having the extra hangers can go a long way!

21. Get Your Refill Mug!

Since the invention of the Disney Dining Plan, resort guests have been able to purchase a refillable mug for all self-service beverages.

Whether you have the plan or not, you can buy the mug for $19.99 at several places throughout the resort. If you tend to spend a lot of money on nonalcoholic drinks (soda, juice, coffee, etc.), the mug can save you quite a bit!

The free refills are only good for the length of your stay, but as the mugs change in design from time to time, they make great souvenirs. I particularly like to fill mine with coffee on the way to the park, and then rise it out and use it for water later.

The refills don’t work in the parks, but if you bring a soda bottle or another beverage you can use the mug then.

You can often get seasonal refill mugs as well at prime times like Halloween and Christmas or for special anniversaries.

22. Where is the Mug?

Trying to find your refillable mug? Your best bet is El Mercado de Coronado. This is also going to be your best place to get the mug refilled. Located in the El Centro building, this might not be the most convenient stop for you on a park day. However, you can still fill the mug using the coffee pot in your room, and then grab a soda later in the day or when you’re at the pool.

23. Give Yourself Time

This goes for any resort on a park day – give yourself plenty of time to get up, get ready, and get to the park. Particularly if you want to be there for rope drop, you’re going to need to get up and moving sooner than you think.

At Coronado Springs, you’re over by the Animal Kingdom theme park, which is great if that’s where you’re headed. However, if you’re going to the Magic Kingdom, it’s going to take you a minimum of ten minutes to get there.

On a busy morning, it could be more like fifteen or twenty minutes, depending on the traffic. With all that in mind – we know it sucks, but set that alarm and get out of bed. You’ll thank me later.

24. Get to the Parks Early

Another one of my general tips is to go the parks in the morning. Even if you have to leave for naptime, even if you’re planning on being there in the evening, go in the morning.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overheard people in the parks complaining that they have only ridden three things their whole day…but they got to the park at 11:00am.

Friends, no.

I understand, you’re on vacation. You want some extra sleep. But that’s where those days off come in. If it’s a park day, you have to get there as soon as possible.

25. Rope Drop = Rideshare

If you have your own car, you can ignore this – simply drive yourself. However, if you’re depending on Disney transportation, you might want to skip it if you want to be there for rope drop (getting in as soon as the park opens).

Disney busses don’t start running until a certain time, so that means all Disney resort guests will start showing up to the parks at the same time. If you’re an early enough riser, sometimes that isn’t a problem. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get in an early ride on Smuggler’s Run at Galaxy’s Edge or Flight of Passage over in Pandora, you don’t want to be in the middle of that crowd.

That’s where rideshares like Lyft and Uber are a great option. My husband and I did this one morning at the Animal Kingdom – we got up early, took a Lyft, and beat the Disney busses to the park. We were some of the first people in the park, and the second and third riders on Flight of Passage for the day. Yes, that’s not the typical experience (especially if you have kids) but it can be done!

26. Eat Breakfast!

No matter your destination, you want to eat a good breakfast before you start a day in Walt Disney World. Coronado Springs has so many incredible dining options; this is one of those tips that won’t be hard to follow!

El Mercado de Coronado opens at 7:00am each morning, ideal for early risers and park guests. This is your typical Disney grab-and-go (or grab and eat) fare, with a Mexican twist on some of the dishes.

Café Rix is another excellent breakfast location, open for the morning only starting at 7:00am. You can get incredible coffee, pastries, and savory food to start your day.

Another breakfast-only location is the Barcelona Lounge, which opens at 6:00am.

Artisanal Spanish coffee will give you just the right buzz for the morning, and a pastry to enjoy as well.

27 – Use Mobile Order

Skip the line and order your counter service meals on your app! Whether you’re in the parks or just picking up breakfast from El Mercado, Mobile Order is an ideal way to get your food without having to wait. You also can find more customizations on the app, which helps you to get the food just the way you want it.

This is a great chance to plan ahead, especially if you have small children you need to wrangle, so you can quickly grab your food and be off on your day. Fast, convenient, and easy!

28 – Coronado Springs is HUGE.

Lago Dorado, the lake in the middle of Coronado Springs resort, is 15 acres across. While this makes it a beautiful feature, that should also tell you about the size of the resort, since the buildings ring the lake. If you’re over on the Ranchos side, and you’re trying to get to El Centro, you’ll have to walk around or take one of the bridges across the lake.

Make sure if you have someplace to be on the opposite side of the resort to plan enough time to walk there. If you’re a convention guest staying in the Cabanas or Ranchos, anticipate how long it will take you to get to the convention center. We wouldn’t want you to miss your meeting!

29. Know Your Bus Stop

Map of bus stops at Coronado Springs resort
Know Your Bus Stop at Coronado Springs Resort

Even though Coronado Springs is a large resort, one of the great things about it is that there are bus stops at each section. However, what that also means is you need to pay attention to where you get on and off the bus. You don’t have to go all the way to El Centro to get on your bus, so don’t get off there either!

These stops are a bit easier to manage then a resort like Saratoga Springs, where the roads weave throughout the resort.

At the same time, just because you’re staying in the Casitas section, that doesn’t mean the closest bus is the Casitas stop. It might be better to catch the bus from El Centro and return to that stop – it just depends on your room location. Use your My Disney Experience app to make sure you know where you’re going!

30. Take Breaks

If you ignore all of my other tips, listen to this one – Take. A. Break. Please.

When I was little, I can think of a minimal number of times that my parents had me in the park all day. That’s because they understood my limits, and my sister’s need for a nap. We always went back to the resort for a midday swim and a snooze, and then we would go back for evening fun. Sometimes, my parents would go without us, if my grandmother was along.

You know your kids – do they melt down when they are hungry, tired, or hot? Don’t put yourself in that position. Take a break. Even as an adult, I like to get out of the park when it’s extremely hot and crowded. A swim, or even a meal in a nearby resort (with the glories of AC), can do wonders.

31. Watch the Time

Along the same lines, keep an eye on the clock. Not just for FastPass times and reservations, but knowing when the breaks will need to happen. Your toddler naps at 1:00 pm, every day, on the dot? Make sure you’re back at the resort when he or she needs to go down. Everyone else can splash in the pool or take a nap too, but you don’t want to be stuck on the monorail when your little one loses it.

With the placement of Coronado Springs, this is even more important. It’s going to take time to get back from places like the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, so I suggest giving yourself at least a half an hour of travel time before you know the meltdown is going to occur. You know what parents are the most miserable? The ones who go against their better judgement and don’t follow their kids’ schedules.

32.Use Your Own Car

If you drove yourself, take advantage of having your own transportation. Since your only other option is the bus, and you’re paying to park your car, you might as well use it!

As you’re already paying the parking fee at Coronado Springs, you won’t have to pay again at the theme parks.

This is fantastic, as it actually saves you money and gives you control over your movement through property. Yes, if you leave the park you will have to come back and park again, but it will be worth it if it makes your trip run more smoothly.

33. The Lost City of Cibola

Even though you might be staying on the other side of the resort, you definitely want to visit this pool at least once.

The theming of the pool itself is amazing, with the Aztec pyramid rising majestically toward the sky, and the water running down its steps. On top of the pool is the massive hot tub, the largest on Disney property, a great kid’s pool, and an awesome sand volleyball pit. Even if it’s just for one afternoon, make sure you check out the Lost City.

34. Pool Etiquette

We know it’s your vacation, but it’s everyone else’s vacation too. Be courteous of others, especially in public areas like the pool. You might be in a group of ten, but if all those kids in your group are going to spend all their time in the pool, they probably don’t need lounge chairs. Keep their towels at the end of your lounger, instead on its own, taking a chair someone else could use.

Also, spot saving isn’t permitted at Disney pools. The Lost City is a popular pool, so you’ll want to show up early. However, please don’t send down your early riser to take over two tables and six lounge chairs at 7:00am if you’re not planning to go to the pool until 10:00. Not only is it not allowed, it’s not fair to the other guests. Use what you need, making space for the other people staying on property.

35. Leisure Pools

If you’re worried about crowds at the Lost City pool, use a leisure pool instead. There are three leisure pools, one at Rachos, Casitas, and the Cabanas. These pool are also a great option if you don’t want to walk over to the theme pool or you just need some quiet.

Be aware, not all of these pools have drinks or dining, and most leisure pools at Disney are not guarded. Keep an eye on your kiddos, and plan to bring your own snacks.

36 – Exterior Hallways = Community Railings

For the Cabanas, Ranchos, and Casitas sections, the doors to your room are off an external hallway. That means the railing right in front of your room isn’t yours, it is essentially part of the community walkway/hallway space. With that in mind, don’t hang items on the railing.

You aren’t supposed to do this at Disney resorts anyway, but it is especially true in this case. You are much more likely to have your items lost, or, unfortunately, stolen. For wet things, use the retractable shower line to hang them up in your shower. If you’re worried they won’t dry quickly, turn on the fan in the bathroom to circulate the air.

37. Use the Retractable Line in Your Shower

Hold on, what about my soaking wet bathing suit?

Where do I put it to dry?

As usual, Disney has thought of everything!

In each shower at Coronado Springs, you’ll find a retractable drying line so you can hang up your wet things there to dry. If you’re worried about air circulation, leave the fan on to help assist with the drying.

This is where those collapsible hangers are also nice, because you can use them to hang up your wet items as well!

38. Eat at the Three Bridges

In the center of Lago Dorado is the Three Bridges Bar and Grill, one of the table service restaurants for Coronado Springs. In addition to incredible food, what makes this dining experience unique is the location.

Smack in the middle of Lago Dorado, it is at the intersection of the three bridges that cross the lake (thus the name). While you savor your food, enjoy the breathtaking views of the lake and the rest of the resort – from its exact middle!

39. Ask About Discounts

DVC members, annual pass holders, and Disney Visa card members all have varying discounts throughout Walt Disney World. Three Bridges and Toledo both offer discounts for DVC and annual pass holders, as well as participating in Tables in Wonderland. If you’re not sure what discounts are available to you, you can look it up ahead of time, or just ask! As someone with the Disney Visa, I always ask when we’re shopping or dining. The worst thing that happens is the Cast Member tells you no!

40. Play Mini-Golf

On your day off, you might be wondering how to entertain your family. Fear not! Right down the road is Winter Summerland Miniature Golf, right next to Blizzard Beach. You can even take a Disney bus to get there – just hop on the Blizzard Beach bus and then walk past the entrance to the mini-golf course. If you’re having trouble finding it, as Cast Member will gladly direct you.

This is easily my favorite mini-golf course at Disney. Two different courses show the antics of Santa’s elves – the first in the wintertime as they prepare for Christmas Day, the second camping at the beach while they enjoy a well-deserved vacation. Lots of fun, plenty of shade, and great for the whole family!

41. Explore Nearby Resorts

Another good day off activity is to check out the neighboring resort areas. Especially if you’re there for a longer trip, if you’ve seen all of Coronado Springs, you might want to see what else is around. The Animal Kingdom Lodge is a short drive West, and is fun to explore. Between the animal outlooks and the incredible art, you could spend hours here!

To the East is Disney’s Swan and Dolphin, which connects to the Disney BoardWalk area. There’s not much to see in the Swan or Dolphin itself, although the Dolphin has a killer ice cream place, but you can find a lot to do at the BoardWalk! Shopping, dining, carnival games – you’ll think you’re on a real boardwalk. Also, it’s just fun to see the theming of the different resorts come to life, while getting out of your resort room.

42. Ride the Loop

On a similar note, one of my favorite day-off activities is doing the monorail loop over at the Magic Kingdom resort area. Each of the resorts on the loop – the Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian – are so unique and beautiful. There’s plenty to check out, from their individual shops to different quick dining options. I mean, who wouldn’t go to the Polynesian just for a Dole Whip? If you time it right, you can also see the fireworks from the Magic Kingdom in the evening.

Now, resort-to-resort transportation can be tricky, so this may call for a ride share if you don’t have your own car. Also be aware that at peak times, unless you have a dining reservation, they may not let you hang out at the resort due to the crowds. It all goes back to planning ahead!

43. Try Something New!

There are so many amazing opportunities to try something out of the norm at Disney’s Coronado Springs. Make a reservation at Toledo’s to try out some incredible Spanish flavors, or take part in a Disney-inspired painting class. This is what vacation is for – don’t let these chances go by!

44. Send a Postcard

Many of the resorts, including Coronado Springs, will send postcards from the front desk. What is so special about this is the postmark will be from Walt Disney World, and sometimes even from the resort itself. I even know people who send themselves post cards, like a mini-journal of their trip! This is a unique souvenir that you will love to have when you get home.

I recommend getting a postcard in El Mercado of Coronado Springs. This shows the resort itself, which adds another personal touch.

45. Take a Jog or Walk

Coronado Springs has an approximately one-mile jogging path that circles Lago Dorado, perfect for a morning run or an evening walk.

Yes, I know you might have spent all day walking in the parks, but if it’s a down day a walk can be nice. This path gives you the chance to see the entire resort, which is well worth it.

Since each section has its own theming and décor, this is a great way to see all the faces of Coronado Springs!

46. Watch a Movie

Not just in your room, but outside! On select nights, you can watch a Disney film favorite outside at the Lost City pool. This is a fun way to end a day, and a great way to bond with your kids. Again, all the movies are kid-friendly Disney and Pixar classics, so there’s no need to worry about the content.

Make sure you check with the Front Desk to get the schedule of these activities!

Until Next Time! Saying Good-bye to Coronado Springs

47. Pack the Night Before

It may be the last thing you feel like doing, particularly if you spent your last day at the park, but you’ll be glad you did in the morning.

Leave out your outfit for the next day and your essentials, but get everything else ready to go.

Your departure will be much smoother, and you will be less stressed, with this one big packing to-do item checked off your list.

48. Have Breakfast Before You Leave

You might think it’s better to get up and moving on your departure day, especially if you have a flight to catch.

However, if you plan ahead, there will be enough time for you to have a meal before you head out, and we suggest that you do. Heading away from Walt Disney World on an empty stomach not only will make your departure harder, but will most likely make your whole party miserable (especially the kids).

Since El Mercado opens at 7:00am and the Barcelona Lounge opens at 6:00am, you should be fine in terms of timing. However, if that isn’t early enough for you, consider getting some snacks the night before to hold you over until you get to the airport.

49. Express Check-out

If you already have a credit card on file for your booking, you don’t need to stop at the Front Desk to check out. Make sure you leave your room by 11:00am, even if you’re not leaving property yet, and then you are free to go where you choose.

If you made any additional purchases during your stay, you can check the expenses on your My Disney Experience app.

You’ll also receive an itemized statement from the resort via email, so you can check everything out there.

50. Check Out is at Eleven, but You Don’t Have to Leave!

Just because the checkout time is at 11:00am, that doesn’t make it your departure time. Feel free to stick your luggage in your car or ask for it to be held at the front desk. From there, you can enjoy the amenities of the resort for the rest of the day!

This is nice if you don’t have far to travel or you’re transitioning between phases of your vacation. No need to rush away if you don’t have to do so!

Enjoy the hidden gem of Disney Coronado Springs Resort!

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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