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Disney Cruise Cancellation Policy + COVID-19 Update

By - Updated March 2021

UPDATED: Coronavirus Policy

Wondering about the Disney Cruise coronavirus policy? Skip to the bottom of this article.

Before you book a Disney Cruise, you might ask yourself:

"Can I change my mind later and get my money back?

The short answer is yes...usually.

Most stateroom reservation deposits can be fully refunded, as long as you cancel prior to your “Paid in Full” (PIF) date.

In this article, I will explain the basics of the Disney Cruise cancellation policy and how much of a refund you can get if you have to back out of your trip.

Disney Cruise Cancellation Policy

Can I Cancel a Disney Cruise and Get My Money Back?

In most cases, yes, you can cancel and get a full refund.

Full refunds are available if you cancel before your PIF date.

There are a couple exceptions to this:

1) If you want to cancel a suite or Concierge reservation.

In this case, you will lose your deposit amount per guest when cancelling anytime before your paid in full date.

2) You booked using "Guarantee with restrictions"

The "Guarantee with restrictions" category staterooms such as categories IGT, OGT, and VGT are non-refundable and must be paid in full at time of booking.

How will COVID-19 Affect My Cruise?

Disney Cruise Line recently announced that there will be cruise date flexibility for any cruises booked by October 31, 2020 for sailings through May 2021.

According to DCL, guests who have booked a cruise during this time will be able to change the date of their cruise up to 15 days prior to their scheduled departure date. However, this only applies to cruises beginning before May 1, 2022.

To read more about cruise date flexibility and decide if a Disney Cruise is something you want to plan on during this time, visit this article on the Disney Cruise Line website.

What is a “Paid in Full” date?

Your PIF date will vary and will depend on your itinerary, sail date, and cruise length.

It will fall somewhere between 90 and 120 days prior to your departure.

To find out your specific date, check your confirmation email or logon to your My Cruise Reservation on the Disney Cruise Line website.

How to Cancel a Disney Cruise

Cancellations must be made over the phone (800-951-3532) or in writing.

If you booked through a travel agent, make sure to go through them to cancel. They will take care of you.

What are the Disney Cruise Cancellation Fees?

If you need to cancel your DCL reservation AFTER your PIF date, there are cancellation fees.

Here is a list of fees depending on your sailing:

Note: these screenshots were taken from the Cancellations/Refund section in the Terms and Conditions of Disney Cruise Line website on September 28, 2018. Always check their website for the most up-to-date information.

Disney Cruise Cancellation Fees, 1-5 nightsDisney Cruise Cancellation Fees, 6 nights or moreDisney Cruise Cancellation Fees, Suite Concierge Levels

Your Cruise Can Be Automatically Cancelled

Any cruise reservation that is not paid in full by their PIF date will automatically be canceled and subject to the appropriate cancellation fees (as shown above).

Full List of Cancelled Disney Cruises Cancelled

Disney Cruise Coronavirus Policies

updated: March 7, 2021

Disney Cruise Line has announced the following policies addressing concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

All Disney Cruise sailings through early June 2021, are cancelled. See each ship below for specific cancellations.

DCL guests that are impacted are going be contacted directly and given choice of full refund or 125% credit toward future sailing.

If you are impacted, DCL says:

Given the higher than normal call volume at our Call Center, we ask that affected guests or their travel agent wait to contact us until after they receive an email from us.

Here's a list of all the cruises impacted so far:

Disney Magic

All Disney Magic cruises through August 18, 2021 have been cancelled.

Disney Wonder

All Disney Wonder cruises through July 7, 2021 have been cancelled.

Disney Dream

All Disney Dream cruises through June 4, 2021 have been cancelled.

Disney Fantasy

All Disney Fantasy cruises through July 31, 2021 have been cancelled.

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Thank you for the clarification. Their own website isn’t clear that you get the deposit back if you cancel before PIF date.

David Lahham

What if my travel agent does not respond to phone calls or emails and I can not get in touch with them

Ann Suzuki

I am still confused about the Disney Cruise Line cancellation policy. Have they made any changes because of their passengers concern about the coronavirus. We are a family of 9 which includes 3 boys (ages 6,7,9) and 2 elderly grandparents (ages 78 and 76) going on a Disney cruise to Alaska in June. The Center for Disease Control is advising avoidance of cruises especially for young children and the elderly. Can we get a full refund?


Ann, I have this exact scenario on a Caribbean cruise. Did you ever get an answer?


We are also concerned about the virus. We leave in 45 days heading to bahamas


The insurance policy is vague. You have to provide alot of justification to get you money back. Additionally if they deny your reasoning, you get a 75% credit towards a cruise within 12 months. Its misleading in that they claim it pays out 100% refunds


We cut our losses and are sadly out $1500 because of this. Maybe if this continues they will have a class action or change of policy. 12 months is not long enough for planning considering their is no end in sight at this point.


I have no longer have respect for this company. They need to do the right thing here and cancel cruises and offer similar refunds and credit as others. Short-term revenue is not worth losing company equity. I refuse to spend money with a company that lack a moral compass.

Stephanie Higingbottom

We sail on the Dream April 10, 2020. Of course we are paid in full and no I didn’t get insurance. I can only hope that if they cancel they will give us a full credit. I guess if I cancel we will lose it. I’m trying to stay hopeful. We’ve been so excited for our cruise and a couple park hopping days afterwards. Thanks for keeping us updated.


we cancelled our Disney Cruise ob the Dream for June 1, 2020 with reference to
sailing out of FL. and our travel agent (KROUSE TRAVEL) has told us that Disney will
not give us our deposit of $616, I would expected our refund or at least a credit toward
a future booking at a date in September 2020, hopefully the VIRUS and all of this will be
over? We were given a credit voucher from Southwest Air for our flight to FLORIDA from
BWI and our return flight ! If Southwest Air can credit us why can’t DISNEY?
You can issue credit of $616 to us or refund the $616, thanks for your understanding and


We were not sailing till August 15th in the Western Caribbean. We were paid in full and did not buy insurance. We were offered a full refund but we have an Alaskan cruise scheduled 2021 and they transferred all funds to that cruise. It was easy by just calling and speaking to live agent. .


they cancelled our may 4th cruise (dream) how long will it take to get a refund?

Theresa Skillman

How far in advance are cancellations being done on Disney’s behalf ? I’m curious if /when they will decide to cancel my sept 25th cruise to the Bahamas ?

Steve Ford

Hi, I have noticed on DCL website that all cruises over 7 nights have been cancelled. We have booked a 7 night European but if the Magic is not sailing in May on the transatlantic, I can only assume no European cruises this year again?


who can I email in order to cancel a cruise for June 2021. Thanks.

Mike B.

Your cancellation dates are broader than those shown at https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/guest-services/advisory/. Can you share your source for cancellations already extending past May?

Franco M

There is nothing to be found on the Disney Cruise website to cancel a trip in 2022. Hopefully I can either get a refund or credit towards a future date when this overreaction is over. I refuse to wear a mask on a vacation and will not be forced to “vaccinate” for something that is nothing more than the common cold.


You are an idiot. It’s morons like you that are keeping this country from obtaining herd immunity and why we will still be wearing masks in 2023. 570k US deaths in 15 months from SARS-CoV-2. How many people have died in the last 15 years from the common cold? Probably less than 10,000 and its because they are usually immunocompromised and die due to secondary pneumonia.