Best Disney World Live Streams Right Now!

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Want to check in on what’s happening at Walt Disney World right now?

Watching a Disney World live stream when you’re missing Donald, Minnie, and the crew gives you a peek of the magic that awaits you on your next Disney trip!

This is the ultimate list of live streams for Disney World on the Internet.


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Best “Must-See” Disney World Live Streams

Here are some of the best all-time live streams ever provided from Orlando and Disney World parks.

Live: All Day at Magic Kingdom

From the ResortTV1 channel, watch a 10-hour recording from July 2020. Full immersion into a day at Magic Kingdom.

Disney World’s CRAZY PACKED 50th Anniversary Opening Ceremony

From Kyle Pallo…Was live streamed on October 1 2021.

Just how packed was this day??

🔴 Live: A Fun Evening at Magic Kingdom

From Cory Meets World…Was live streamed in January 2021.

Four hours of magic…step by step through the park.

🔴Live: Friday Night Live at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Beauty & the Beast, Rides & More!

From ResortTV1…Was live streamed in August 2021.

They show us the Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage Show, the Wonderful World of Animation fireworks and projection show, and some of our favorite rides.

Star Wars Disney World Live Streams

Here are some of our favorite Star Wars themed live streams from Disney World’s Hollywood Studios.

Walk Around Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in 4K

From 4K WDW…Was filmed in June 2021.

In this 90 minute video, they give a complete walk through of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

Galaxy’s Edge Opening Ceremony

From the Disney Parks channel, watch a recording of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Dedication Ceremony from the Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Was live streamed in August 2019.

Disney World Fireworks Show Live Streams

Want to check out some of the most incredible fireworks shows at Disneyland…without being at the park?

🔴Live: Goodbye Epcot Forever Fireworks! The Last Epcot Forever at Walt Disney World

From ResortTV1…Streamed live on Sep 2021

Here’s a live stream of the final Epcot Forever Fireworks show.

Disney World New Years Eve Fireworks Live Stream from Epcot

Streamed live by the ResortTV1 channel on December 31, 2018.

🔴Live: Fireworks are Back at Walt Disney World!! Happily Ever After Live Stream & Magic Kingdom Fun

Stream by ResortTV1 on July 1, 2021.

Walt Disney World’s Fireworks are back after being “off” since March 2020. The magnificent Happily Ever After Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

[8K] “Happily Ever After 2021” Fireworks Spectacular

Streamed by CLIFFLIX from September 30, 2021. It was produced in 8k resolution and uses his new recording technique called “Deep Space” audio.

Current Live Feed from Disney World

So, you’re looking for something that is LIVE and happening right now?

This button will take you to any current live streams coming out of Anaheim right now.

Our list of favorite Disney World live streamers. Follow some of these devoted Disney stream creators!

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