“Have you actually ever had to make a claim for a Disney Cruise?”

When I was researching my article Do You Need Disney Cruise Travel Insurance?, I asked my Disney Cruise friends the above question.

These are their unedited answers:

“We were stuck for an extra 3 days in Orlando behind Hurricane Matthew. Received a check that covered our hotel and food for the entire time. So thankful that we paid for the insurance!!”

“Our flight home was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy. Insurance paid for our room and our meals till we could get a flight home.”

“Used it for medical on the ship and for hotels/meals when we missed the ship because of flight delays.”

“In Oct my BIL and his girlfriend had to cancel their trip, (medical reason). Trip insurance covered what was not refunded. Just be careful, be sure to truly cancel, and not just no show, including flights. Cancelling immediately gives you the written proof you did not go, No-showing is more complex to prove.”

“Only had to use it once and had the check in my hand one month from the day I called to make the claim.”

“My husband had to change his flight to our cruise due to a death in his family and it was very easy to make a claim to get the change fee back.”

“YES YES YES... they paid me back $7,500 out of the $8,000 I claimed to them for my past Mediterranean Cruise this past Aug.
Air France went on Strike the day before I was to fly out of Paris to Barcelona, we ended up have to take the train back to London, fly to Barcelona and get extra night of hotel, lost one night in Paris and Allianz was the best, they even assigned me a Rep to deal with and sent the mountain of paper work to.”

“54 year old hubby had a heart attack on the ship. Travel insurance paid for lost cruise day for both of us, my hotel, transportation and food while hubby was in the hospital, our medical deductibles, and would have covered flight change fees had we needed that. Also, had the ship doctors not been able to stabilize him they would have airlifted him to a hospital. That can be $50,000. Travel insurance would have covered that too.”

“My bestie dropped her brand new EOS digital camera in the ocean in Tortola when she got knocked over by a wave! Allianz fully replaced her camera, bag, extra lens, etc. so it was so worth it. You just never know what may happen!”


“We did the DCL insurance and had to submit a claim when my husband was unable to travel with us. We didn't find out until about 2 weeks before the cruise and the process was easy!”

“My son fell ice skating on another cruise line... and someone Behind him ice skated over his hand... he was cut to the bone on three fingers and had to have stitches on the ship and hand surgery when we got home to reattach an extensor tendon.”

“My husband got sick. So glad we had it. Saved us a couple thousand dollars. We booked through an outside company and it covers more. We used it last summer on a non Disney cruise to get my daughter 's airfare refunded when our doctor wouldn't let her fly. So worth it!”

“They were great to work with. Guest Services on the Wonder helped us make the first contact regarding a claim (Mom in ship hospital). Allianz assigned a Concierge named Sharon to us. She contacted us daily even after we eventually were able to make it home. I would highly recommend Allianz.”

“My niece had a seizure on the ship.”

“In 2009 I was going to Greece with my son, and my husband was taking our daughter to Disney as a distraction while I was to be gone. 1 month before we were to leave, I was diagnosed with leukemia. Our trip insurance saved us a TON of money for both trips. We never travel without it.”

“We had a 9 hour flight delay that was not weather related.”

“My mom, a healthy woman, ended up with a pulmonary embolism on the cruise. When we docked at Tortola, they transported her to the hospital. Very long and scary story as short as it can be - it was $28,000.00 to medically fly her back to USA, plus the hospital bills - we would have been in for a lot more than the money spent on the insurance. And they will not transport until all bills have been paid. Also - as beautiful as Tortola is - the medical care there is very scary. Disney tried to not drop people off there, unless it is a life or death situation (we would have been in the USVI the next day - my mom would not have made it) I was her advocate while we were there - only one person is allowed off the ship in this situation. There was a very fine line of protecting my mom and getting arrested. No food or fluid was given to her - with a 104* temperature, she was severely dehydrated. They did not want to touch the "American" so I performed some of the nursing duties such as putting in her foley catheter (sp) With all of this said - Disney was AMAZING! There was a representative there with me, helped me with all of the government paperwork, our passports, getting me a safe hotel, etc. While you do not want anything to happen during your amazing vacation, it can happen. And because of this situation - we are Disney all of the way for every cruise in the future.”

“My son was just reimbursed for his cruise(he is grown so we went while he didn't ), rental car home, and hotel for night due to illness. Plus his medicine. Dr Visit would have been reimbursed ( didn't need this because had met out of pocket) and gas if we had kept receipt. Well worth it.”
“Our cruise was also delayed in port due to med eval of fellow cruiser the night before. Some of our fellow cruisers missed flights. Things do happen.”

“We had to file a claim for our land and sea in October. We got insurance because we have a medically fragile/complex child. Ironically, our healthy child came down with a fever and other symptoms the afternoon before our Halloween on the High Seas cruise, and we had to cancel. It cost less than $200 to insure our entire WDW/DCL trip, and we'll be completely refunded for our cruise. Well worth it.”

“I wasn't going to get insurance but my husband’s job was a little rocky so we bought it and our 4 year old ended up with the stomach bug that was going around on ship and we missed pirate night and our last day at sea.”


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