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This is the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for cheap Disneyland tickets. 

Most people will look at the Disney ticket price listed at Disneyland’s official website and assume that is the price. 

Here’s the good news about Disneyland prices: 

If you follow this guide, you’ll discover that the question: “How much do Disneyland tickets cost?” often has an answer that is surprisingly cheaper than what you’ll find from Disneyland’s site… or if you buy tickets at the gate. 

Let’s take a look at how to get the absolute best Disneyland ticket price for your upcoming vacation.

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Disneyland Ticket Price Checker

Select your ticket type and number of days to see the lowest available price:

* Prices updated as of August 24, 2022

1-Park Per DayPark Hopper Per Day
2 Days2 Days
3 Days3 Days
4 Days4 Days
5 Days5 Days

2 Day Disneyland 1-Park Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$246.00$232.00
Get Away Today$253.00$238.00
Undercover Tourist$241.72$227.50
Disneyland (website)$235.00$220.00
2 day Disneyland tickets (1 park per day)

2 Day Disneyland Park Hopper Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$305.00$290.00
Get Away Today$313.00$298.00
Undercover Tourist$298.59$284.37
Disneyland (website)$290.00$275.00
2 day Disneyland tickets (Park Hopper)

3 Day Disneyland 1-Park Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$309.00$290.00
Get Away Today$325.00$305.00
Undercover Tourist$302.60$284.26
Disneyland (website)$310.00$290.00
3 day Disneyland tickets (1 park per day)

3 Day Disneyland Park Hopper Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$365.00$347.00
Get Away Today$385.00$365.00
Undercover Tourist$357.63$339.29
Disneyland (website)$365.00$345.00
3 day Disneyland tickets (Park Hopper)

4 Day Disneyland 1-Park Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$337.00$318.00
Get Away Today$355.00$335.00
Undercover Tourist$330.11$311.78
Disneyland (website)$340.00$320.00
4 day Disneyland tickets (1 park per day)

4 Day Disneyland Park Hopper Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$394.00$375.00
Get Away Today$415.00$395.00
Undercover Tourist$385.14$366.79
Disneyland (website)$395.00$375.00
4 day Disneyland tickets (Park Hopper)

5 Day Disneyland 1-Park Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$356.00$337.00
Get Away Today$360.00$340.00
Undercover Tourist$348.45$330.11
Disneyland (website)$360$340
5 day Disneyland tickets (1 park per day)

5 Day Disneyland Park Hopper Per Day

(ages 10+)
(ages 3-9)
aRes Travel$413.00$394.00
Get Away Today$420.00$400.00
Undercover Tourist$403.48$385.14
Disneyland (website)$415$395
5 day Disneyland tickets (Park Hopper)

Types of Disneyland Tickets

Park Hopper
A Park Hopper ticket allows you to go back and forth between Disneyland® Park or Disney California Adventure® park on the same day.

Non-Park Hopper
or 1 Park Per Day
Pick one park (Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure) and enjoy it all day long.

Magic Morning
Get one early admission to certain attractions, stores, shows, and dining at Disneyland Park one hour before the park opens to the general public. Available on select days only (currently Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Magic Morning is available only with a 3+ day ticket or Southern California CityPASS.

I always recommend getting the Park Hopper, as the parks are both awesome and they’re 100 yards apart from each other. I love the flexibility of being able to go back and forth as we please.

❓ANSWER ME THIS: Which type of Disneyland ticket would you purchase?
Which type of Disneyland ticket would you purchase?x

How to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets

Wait…Is it Even Possible to Get Discounted Disneyland Tickets?

This might be a surprise to some. It was to me.


You CAN save money on Disneyland tickets … if you know where to go and what to buy.

Here are three tips for saving money on Disneyland tickets:

1. Go for More than Just One Day

There’s so much to see and do at Disneyland that just one day doesn’t cut it.

Personally, I think that 3 days is about perfect, but that depends on your appetite for all things Disney, your budget, the age of your kids, and so on.

Three days gives you a chance to experience the shows, parades, all of the attractions at both parks, all at a relaxed and reasonable pace.

Also, one day tickets are never discounted. The more days you stay, the more you save. No surprise there.

2. Always Compare Disneyland Prices

Disneyland has a few authorized resellers who are able to offer discounted Disneyland tickets at prices lower than you will find at the Disneyland website or gate.

Note: The one day tickets are never discounted.

However, you can save on ticket bundles of 2 to 5 days.

Since these authorized resellers are competing for your business, they often offer Disneyland tickets at a lower price than the gate price.

Prices from these vendors can change regularly, so…

Always compare Disneyland ticket prices before purchasing. You can save a lot of money with a simple check.

To make price comparison easy, we have created the Disneyland Ticket Price Checker above.

3. Only Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets from an Authorized Reseller

It was a wonderful day when I discovered you can buy tickets from authorized Disneyland resellers.

I used to think I had no choice but to purchase Disneyland tickets from Disney. Discovering an alternative that would help me to save money on Disneyland tickets was exciting!

In this article, I will highlight three legit, authorized Disney ticket reseller with great customer service:

(You can read more about each of them below.)

Each has been in business for decades. You’re safe to purchase from them in confidence.

Tickets are Same as Buying from Disney

Tickets purchased from these vendors have the EXACT same benefits as those purchased at the Disney gate.

Avoid These Places when Buying Disneyland Park Tickets

With so many people wanting to know how to save money on Disneyland tickets, it’s no surprise that there are plenty of places trying to scam those people out of their money.

Avoid these places:

  • Any site that uses the word “Disney” in the URL (that isn’t clearly a Disney-owned site). Disney doesn’t allow its authorized ticket sellers to use their brand in their website URL.
  • Any broker selling 1-day tickets at a discount. Disney doesn’t allow this by its authorized sellers.
  • Anyone selling you partially used tickets. First of all, you can’t be sure if the pass will work until you arrive at the gate. Second, if the ticket does NOT work, Disney won’t help you because tickets are non-transferrable.
  • Craigslist and eBay. Scammers will try to sell you stolen or used tickets.
  • Any site requiring you to pay with any method other than credit card.

Where to Buy Discounted Disneyland Tickets

Disneyland has authorized each of the following companies to resell Disneyland tickets.

Here’s what you need to know about each:

aRes Travel

Company History

In business since 1995, aRes Travel – Advanced Reservation Systems has been working with attractions and hotels for almost thirty years.

What makes aRes Travel different from other vacation vendors is that it is a private travel booking engine rather than a travel agency or other site.

Source: aRes Travel

That means that while there are people there to support you and provide customer service, this vendor doesn’t necessarily give the personalized touch of an agency.

The lack of overhead can mean extremely good deals.

How to buy Disneyland tickets from aRes Travel

Visit aRes Travel’s user-friendly website.

Then, simply click on the Tickets tab at the top of the page, and then select the attraction.

Disneyland is the first on the list, making it easy to find your tickets!

From there, select the type of ticket and the number to buy, and you can proceed to the cart.

aRes does indicate the steps you need to take to link your ticket to your reservation, but you have to click on an information bubble to expand the steps.

IMPORTANT: Disneyland also requires park reservations, so it’s important that you check the dates of your trip to be sure that you can use the ticket you purchase during your stay.

When you’re making the ticket selection, you can see a direct comparison to the price you would pay through Disneyland’s website as well.

Screenshot of aRes Travel site
Source: aRes Travel

Once you’ve purchased the ticket, you’ll receive the ticket via email to then print out and take with you to the park.

You can also link this ticket with your reservation in your Disneyland app, which is what we would recommend. 

Get Away Today

Company History

One of the certified ticket partners with Disneyland, Get Away Today is an ideal ticket vendor for getting your Disneyland tickets at a slightly discounted rate.

In business since 1990, Get Away Today has been planning Disneyland and other California trips for over thirty years.

Source: Get Away Today

They pride themselves on communication between their travel experts and guests, working to meet the needs of everyone in your party and addressing any issues that come up along the way.

Not only can you get Disneyland tickets through Get Away Today, but you can book all the other aspects of your trip as well.

This is where the big savings comes in – Get Away Today can help you save hundreds with your accommodations, on or off Disneyland property, including getting complimentary nights at some of the Good Neighbor hotels. 

How to buy Disneyland tickets from Get Away Today

Dealing exclusively in Disney eTickets, Get Away Today allows you to buy your Disneyland tickets through their website, and also shows you the potential discounts compared to the actual Disneyland ticket price. 

Screenshot of Get Away Today site
Source: Get Away Today

Once you have purchased your ticket, you’ll receive your Disneyland eTicket directly to the email you provided.

You can then print the ticket, scan them into the Disneyland app, or just open the email – the same way you would with a ticket purchased directly from Disneyland. 

Screenshot of Get Away Today site comparing prices to Disneyland
Source: Get Away Today

Get Away Today also gives guests the opportunity to use their Layaway Plan, which allows you to pay for your Disneyland tickets and other aspects of your vacation in installments rather than all at once.

To use the plan does mean a $99 fee as part of the first payment, but you can make payments up until five days before your trip.

Once you’ve paid off the tickets, you will receive them in your email.

Undercover Tourist

Company History

Starting their company in 2000, the “Frog Family” of Undercover Tourist has worked to bring magic to family vacations.

In conjunction with their blog giving all the best tips and tricks, travelers can also purchase authentic park tickets, book hotels, and find their rental cars through Undercover Tourist.

Source: Undercover Tourist

With the personal touch of dealing directly with a small business, their customer service helps to make your vacation magical from the beginning.

Undercover Tourist is consistently highly ranked with the Better Business Bureau.

How to buy discounted Disneyland tickets from Undercover Tourist

It is easy to get your tickets – just purchase them online through the Undercover Tourist site and the eTicket comes straight to your email.

Undercover Tourist shows you all the taxes and fees up front, and you have your tickets the same day since they are digital tickets.

You do not need to exchange the ticket at the gate, simply scan and go!

You can also pair these tickets with your other plans in the Disneyland app. Undercover Tourist also shows you the exact savings amount compared to the Disneyland price.

Screenshot of Undercover Tourist site
Source: Undercover Tourist

Undercover Tourist also shows guests the exact steps needed to check park availability for Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure, as park reservations are still required for entry.

It is important to check if there are still reservations available before purchasing the ticket, to ensure that you will be able to use the ticket on the day you wish to enter the park.

4 Easy Steps to Obtain Your Park Pass Reservation from Undercover Tourist
Source: Undercover Tourist

More Ways to Save Money on Disneyland Tickets

Okay, so you’ve found cheaper Disneyland tickets.

Now, you might be asking yourself:

Are there other ways to get deals on Disneyland tickets?

How can you get deals on Disneyland tickets?

One more way to get a deal on Disneyland tickets is to buy combo ticket packages.

Here’s how this works.

If you’re planning a vacation to Disneyland, there is a good chance you’re also thinking about visiting:

  • Universal Studios
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • SeaWorld

If you’re planning on hitting any of these other attractions, you can get combo tickets through aRes Travel and save money per person.

Here’s how to save on Disneyland combination packages: 

  1. Look at the prices to buy the tickets from each park. I suggest you start with our Disneyland price comparison tool at top of this article.
  2. Compare the individual prices to the combination ticket prices from aRes Travel here:
    • Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood combo tickets
    • Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm combo tickets
    • Disneyland and LEGOLAND combo tickets
    • Disneyland and Seaworld combo tickets
❓ANSWER ME THIS: What other Southern California attraction would you like to visit?
What other Southern California attraction would you like to visit?x

Disneyland Discount FAQ

Does Disneyland offer discounted tickets to Senior Citizens?

There is no current promotion for Disneyland discounts for senior citizens.

Is Disneyland still free on your birthday?

Years ago, Disneyland Resort ran a promotion offering free admission to guests on their birthdays. Alas, this is not a current Disneyland promotion and purchased tickets are required for all guests ages 3 and older.

Can I get Disneyland discounts with Disney Visa card?

Cardholders of Disney Visa get a 10% discount on merchandise at Disneyland. Also, the card will get you a 15% discount on certain tours at the park.

What is the military discount at Disneyland?

Military Discounted Disneyland Tickets are available on the military base.

Prices updated as of May 2021

Regular Military Discount TicketsAdultAdult w/ MaxPass*Child 3-9Child w/ MaxPass*
1 Day Base (Pick 1 Park) *$104.00$124.00$98.00$118.00
1 Day Hopper$159.00$178.00$153.00$172.00
2 Day Base (1 Park each day)$230.50$269.50$216.00$255.00
2 Day Hopper$275.00$323.00$269.25$308.50
3 Day Base (1 Park each day)$303.50$362.00$284.50$342.50
3 Day Hopper$357.00$415.50$337.50$396.00
4 Day Base (1 Park each day)$333.00$410.50$313.50$391.00
4 Day Hopper$386.50$464.00$367.00$444.50
5 Day Base (1 Park each day)$352.50$449.50$333.00$430.00
5 Day Hopper$406.00$503.00$386.50$483.50

What is the military discount at Disneyland?

Members of the US military have access to special discounts on Disneyland tickets.

The prices I’m listing here are courtesy of my friend Steve from Military Disney Tips. I highly recommend bookmarking their military discounted Disneyland tickets page to always have the most current prices.

Prices updated as of June 2022

Regular Military Discount TicketsAdultAdult w/ Genie+Child 3-9Child w/ Genie+
1 Day Base (Pick 1 Park) $104.00$126.75$98.00$120.75
1 Day Hopper$163.00$186.00$157.00$180.00
2 Day Base (1 Park each day)$248.00$289.00$233.50$274.50
2 Day Hopper$306.50$347.25$292.00$332.75
3 Day Base (1 Park each day)$321.00$381.25$301.75$362.00
3 Day Hopper$379.50$439.75$360.00$420.25
4 Day Base (1 Park each day)$350.25$430.00$330.75$410.00
4 Day Hopper$408.75$488.25$389.25$468.75
5 Day Base (1 Park each day)$369.75$468.75$350.25$449.50
5 Day Hopper$428.00$527.25$408.75$507.75
Source: Military Disney Tips

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