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Fish Extender Gift Ideas

Wondering what to give? Need Fish Extender gift ideas?
Updated September 2020

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Off the Shelf Fish Extender Gift Ideas

LEGO Disney Minifigures

Disney knows how to do collectibles. Including a LEGO minifigure as a cruise Fish Extender gift will make you the biggest hero in your FE group.

Each Minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet. Selected Disney Series minifigures come with accessories.

  • View these fun collectibles here.

Mickey Head Dice

There are many games you can play onboard a Disney Cruise ship with just a set of dice.

Small and portable, these fish extender gift ideas will fit nicely in any size luggage.

Disney Magnets

Disney Cruisers love decorating their stateroom door with magnets.

That’s why I love giving at least one Disney magnet in every Fish Extender gift. Also magnets don’t take up a lot of weight or space in your luggage. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Headgear

Your Fish Extender families will thrill when they open up this gift.

Grab yourself a pack of Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears and you have instant gifts. They come in packs of 6, 12, or 24 (it gets cheaper per unit when you buy more).

Mickey Mouse USB Flash Drive 8GB

Great for storing photos, documents, videos of fidget spinner tricks, government secrets about Roswell, you name it.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Photo Booth Props

Just think of all the fun Disney themed photo opportunities your Fish Extender families can have around the ship with these fun props. So many pictures are taken with Disney characters on the cruise. How about enhancing each photo shoot with these hilarious adornments?

Lightweight, inexpensive and sure to be a hit!

Mickey Mouse Goodie Bags

It might be easier to work on your presentation of any of your Fish Extender gift ideas while you are on the ship, so your creative packaging doesn’t get squished in your suitcase.

These Disney-themed goodie bags come in packs of eight and are easy to carry in your luggage.

Disney Stickers

Stickers of your favorite Disney characters or moments can be a staple for any set of Fish Extender gifts. Inexpensive, they can be a fast way to decorate your packaging, printables or other gifts.

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters have all sorts of uses. This set of two Mickey Mouse cookie cutters makes a perfect Fish Extender gift because it is practical, inexpensive, and versatile. Or use this to work on your own Disney Cruise Fish Extender gift ideas.

Mickey Mouse Skeleton Key / Bottle Openers

Open a door, open a bottle, heck, maybe open a chest of buried treasure that your FE family finds on Castaway Cay!

Comes in a set of four.

  • “Unlock” this gift idea here.

Mickey Glove Soap

Cute, practical, and will help keep the passengers in your FE group nice and clean!

  • Good clean fun available here.

Mickey Mouse Necktie

Every Disney Cruise line cruise voyage has a formal night.

Nothing will spruce up a guy’s fancy duds like Mickey Mouse!

Minnie Mouse Makeup Brushes

This will be a very popular item with the moms and teen girls in your Fish Extender group.

Dry Erase Board with Markers

I have found a dry erase board with some markers to be extremely useful on a Disney Cruise.

The receiver of this fish extender gift idea will be able to use it to communicate with family members (“I went to the spa.”) or your room steward (“Could you leave us some new towels?”) or even just passers-by (“Make it a great day – you’re on a Disney cruise!”)

Printable Disney Labels for 1oz Tic Tacs Mints

How’s this for a “fresh” FE gift idea?

Etsy seller FunTimeHobbyShop specializes in fun Fish Extender gift ideas and will create a personalized PDF of 8 labels. You can then cut these out and apply to Tic Tac candies. Each label has the name of your Disney ship, date of sailing, your name, and your stateroom number.

Disney Superband Insect Repellant Charm Bracelets

I have to give a shoutout to Pat from Texas who wrote in to tell me about this one.

Pat discovered these insect repelling superbands that a child (or adult, one size fits all) can wear on the wrist or an ankle, and they each have a cute Mickey Mouse head charm dangling from it.

Perfect for Castaway Cay!

  • Get a ten-pack here.

Activity Packs for Kids

This is a gift for those that are thinking ahead.

Like it or not, all Disney Cruises must end. I love giving a gift that will keep the fun going, even on the long car ride or plane flight home. 

Provide an activity pack to keep the kiddos entertained after they leave the ship.

  • Get them affordably here.

Light Card for Disney Dream or Disney Fantasy

As mentioned earlier, Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream require a card to be put in special key slot to activate the stateroom lights. Most guests must use their room key for this slot. That results, however, in the card often being left behind…in the light switch activator in the room.

PixieDustedStitches on Etsy sells these cute magnetic cards that you can hang on the wall magnetically above the key slot. A place for everything and everything in its place! You won’t forget your room keys and you have a cute magnet memento when you come home.

Disney Eye Found It (Card Game)

I love this card game. I guess it’s not a surprise for someone that loves to chase after Hidden Mickeys all the time 🙂

The idea behind this cute little game is that you search pictures for objects that are hidden inside. 

Ridiculously adorable and very very affordable. 

3 Pack Mickey Mouse Socks for Boys

Adorable and surprisingly affordable. If you know you have little boys in your Fish Extender Gift list, grab this three-pack of Mickey Mouse socks for boys and split them up to give individually.

Mickey Mouse Mad Libs

Everyone loves Disney Mad Libs! It’s a hilarious gift that will have everyone cracking up.

50 Handmade Mickey Mouse Magnets

Etsy artisan CreationsbyTracey makes a 50 pack of magnetic Mickey Mouse heads. Colorful patterns and designs, these will be fun to decorate a stateroom door…or a refrigerator at home!

Cruise Ship Anchor Bottle Opener

Pop open a “cold one” with this cute set of metal alloy anchors. Fun size for adorning a Fish Extender gift.

Disney Bunco Printable Score Cards

Two PDF scorecards for your own game of Disney Bunco while sailing the sunny seas or when you get back home.

Created by Cuteasafox.com and featured on PinkCakePlate.com.

  • This free downloadable print is available here.

Personalized Fish Extenders Gifts Highlighter

Clever idea!

On each Disney Cruise, the Navigator is a printed newsletter that you receive every day outlining the schedule of activities onboard that day. Gift personalized gifts that your families can use to highlight activities on their Navigator that they don’t want to miss.

The highlighters come 5 to a set with assorted colors (yellow, pink, blue, green, and orange.) The brand of highlighters may vary.

Captain Mickey’s Yacht-Sea! Game

Perfect for some chill time on a day at sea.

Disney-inspired version of Yahtzee from PixieDustedStitches includes customized dice, wipe-off scorecards and marker, and container.

  • By PixieDustedStitches on Etsy. Get it here.

Mickey Mouse Clothespin Magnets

With this set of six magnets, I can see these being immediately useful on the cruise itself for the recipients. Magnets to stick to the door to hang notes or other information.

Want 50+ Free Gift Tags?

Receive PDFs and Avery labels you can customize.

DIY Fish Extender Gift Ideas

Mini LEGO Disney Cruise Ship

Ryan set out to create his own LEGO version of Disney Magic cruise ship. He didn’t use the idea for Fish Extender gifts himself — parts didn’t arrive in time.

Might be a bit pricey but this has to top the list of Fish Extender gift ideas for guys. It’s a scientific fact: all dudes (and many dudettes) love LEGO.

  • Estimated Price: $22 /  Instructions and list of parts here. / Get the LEGO parts here.


Hot Cocoa Mix-ins (Perfect for Alaska Cruise)

Anticipating frequent stops to the hot chocolate dispenser on her upcoming Disney cruise to Alaska, Darcie put together a more grown-up grouping of cocoa mix-ins.

Leave out the alcohol (Disney Cruise doesn’t allow you to bring it) and it makes a fun Fish Extender gift idea for families.

  • Get the full list of ingredients and a lot more great Fish Extender ideas from Darcie at Such the Spot.

Disney Parks Guide Map Magnets

Get your hands on maps of Disney Parks around the world. Cut out your favorite attractions and create Fish Extender gifts that are lasting mementos that your families will use at home for a long time to come.

  • Full instructions are here.


Disney Would You Rather Card Game

Download and print the cards for this hilarious and clever game that will keep your Fish Extender families chatting happily about the happiest place on Earth.

  • Full instructions and download here.

Grumpy Pain Reliever

Practical idea from Ellen at Blinkin’, Thinkin’ & Inkin’.  Secure a travel size bottle of ibuprofen or acetaminophen to a card with Grumpy’s face and endearing note inside.

  • Free details and instructions here.

Want 50+ Free Gift Tags?

Receive PDFs and Avery labels you can customize.

Custom Magnets to Decorate Your Stateroom Door

This one isn’t reserved just for people who are looking for Fish Extender gift ideas.

On any Disney Cruise, you’ll see people who are excited to decorate the door to their cabin with all sorts of fun Disney stuff. Magnets work great for decorations and the good folks at DisneyCruiseLineBlog.com show you how to create your own custom magnet from artwork of your choice.

  • The entire “how-to” is here.

Magnetic and Customized Key to the World Card

The ships Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy conserve energy by using a Key to the World (KTTW) card to activate all power, lights, and TV in your stateroom. That is, if the KTTW card isn’t inserted in a slot by your door, you have no power. This isn’t always convenient.

Scott at DisneyCruiseLineBlog.com has a tip for creating a magnetic card that works as an extra KTTW. Perfect for sticking to the wall right above the slot at all times – you always know where the card is to turn on the lights!

  • Full instructions here.

Disney Luggage Tags

One of the most popular of our Fish Extender gift ideas!

All you need for these beauties is some scrapbook paper, a laminating machine, and some imagination.

Diana at DisneyCruiseMomBlog.com has this cute and easy idea with a complete step-by-step guide to make them.

  • Full instructions are right here.

Fabric Key Fob

Melissa at A Little Bolt of Life provides instructions on how to turn some ribbon, some webbing, a key ring, some pliers and a sewing machine into a simple, yet useful key fob.

  • All the juicy details here.

Disney Drawstring Backpack

With a small drawstring backpack, each child in your Fish Extender group will be ready to tackle a day at port, a trip to Castaway Cay, or use these at the Disney Parks when back on the mainland.

BeingGenevieve.com gives a hyper-detailed step-by-step guide on how to make a Disney drawstring backpack by yourself. Love this!

  • Full instructions are right here.

Magnetic Clipboard

Stick this magnetic clipboard to a stateroom door and leave notes for each other!

SuperCouponLady provides a list of everything needed to make it and simple instructions.

  • All the info you need for this one is here.

Disney Sock Cupcake

The tutorial at EverydaySavvy.com isn’t Disney-themed, so you’ll just need to use your imagination a little to convert to Fish Extender gift.

You could use Disney-inspired paper for the wrapper. Also, it might be wise to leave out the suggested straight pin for safety.

  • Complete tutorial is here.

Disney Hair Bows

Adorable Fish Extender gift idea for girls.

For this one, you’ll just need some ribbon, hair clips, and a hot glue gun.

  • Explanation of how to make your own here.

Want 50+ Free Gift Tags?

Receive PDFs and Avery labels you can customize.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Duct Tape Gift Card Holders

How about a $5 Disney gift card stashed away in one of these cuties?

Fortunately for us, Disney.com provides a complete walk through of exactly how to make these. Fun project to do with the kids.

  • Complete tutorial is here.

Mickey & Minnie Halloween Charms

Disney does Halloween right! If you’re sailing on a Disney cruise in the fall, they have special decorations onboard as well as fun costume parties. And then, everyone knows about what they do at Disney Parks

Get in on the action with this Halloween DIY Fish Extender idea.

  • Read Disney’s easy-to-follow instructions here.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hair Barrettes

Fish Extender gift idea for girls!

Follow the link below to print out Disney’s free printable. You’ll need shrink-paper, scissors, hole punch, clear nail polish and some barrettes.

  • Step-by-step guide is here.

Mickey Ears for Stateroom Door

The Fish Extender tradition started on Disboards.com, with some passionate Disney Cruise passengers getting together, sharing ideas, and ultimately connecting. This is an example of the community in action at its very best.

You just have to look at the template that one Disboards.com user created for the rest of us. 44 different printables! All free.

Follow the instructions in the link below very carefully. Print these out on magnetic paper or make them out of cardstock and then laminate. You can then add magnets to the back.

  • Carefully read and follow the tutorial here.

Movie Snack Pack

On every Disney Cruise Ship, there is a Buena Vista Theater that shows first-run movies and enduring Disney classics every day.

Create a family movie snack pack! Put yummy candies in a brown paper sack (or Disney-themed goodie bags if you want to get fancy). Favorite movie snacks that will do well in your luggage include Red Vines, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids.

  • Free customized ticket template here.