20 Best Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencils

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencils

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Jack Skellington pumpkin stencils are some of the most popular Disney Pumpkin Stencils.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of the best Jack Skellington pumpkin stencils!

Here you can find pumpkin carving templates for Jack Skellington, the main character of the wildly popular movie, Nightmare Before Christmas.

We’ve assembled the best Jack Skellington pumpkin stencils to help you create the perfect Jack Skellington pumpkin this year.

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Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencils

Jack Skellington pumpkin stencils are the perfect way to celebrate your love of Nightmare Before Christmas this Halloween!

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just someone who likes to have fun, Jack Skellington pumpkin templates are sure to make your jack-o’-lantern stand out from the crowd.

These stencils are designed by artists with a passion for Nightmare Before Christmas and an eye for detail.

Every included Jack Skellingotn stencil was gathered from around the web. For personal use only.

Note: We have included a variety of images in this collection, not all will serve as exact template for your Jack Skellington pumpkin. Such images are here simply to inspire your creativity.

Table of Contents

  1. How to use these templates
  2. Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencil Ideas
  3. More Jack Skellington Pumpkin Inspiration
  4. Conclusion

How to Use a Template to Make a Jack Skellington Pumpkin Carving

Here are some basic guidelines to get you started carving a Jack Skellington pumpkin stencil.

Tools You Will Need

  • A fresh, clean pumpkin of your desired size.
  • Plain paper and printer to print out stencil designs. 
  • Scissors to cut out stencils.
  • Pumpkin carving knives and tools of various sizes. 
  • Push Pins or tape to hold cut-out stencil. 
  • Black Sharpie marker to trace stencil on pumpkin. 
  • Rubbing alcohol and a rag to clean up pumpkin sharpie marks. 
  • A flashlight or battery-powered candle light.

Easy Steps to Carve a Pumpkin Using a Template

  1. Clean your pumpkins

    Cut a circle around the top, remove guts and seeds, and wipe the pumpkin down so there’s no dirt on the outside.

  2. Print desired stencil(s)

    Select the ones you want from the list below and print on a clean sheet of paper.

  3. Cut out stencil on solid lines

    Take your time and make nice clean cuts for the best looking results to transfer to your pumpkin.

  4. Pin or tape stencil onto pumpkin

    Use scotch tape, masking tape, or painters tape to hold the stencil securely in place on the pumpkin.

  5. Trace around stencil with marker

    Using a dark ink pen or strong pencil, make a clear outline on the surface of the pumpkin.

  6. Carve along stencil-marked lines

    A sharp knife makes this job easy and save time.

  7. If there are cross-hatches or lighter colors in the stencil…

    Do not carve all the way through, but rather, scrape the surface.

  8. Clean up finished cut parts with rubbing alcohol to remove markings

    This can clean up any straggling remnants of your pen or pencil for a more professional, finished look.

  9. Put a light inside and enjoy

    Candles, LED lights, tea lights – all will work great.

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencil Ideas

There’s no doubt about it: Jack Skellington is one of the coolest characters in Disney.

Here are some of our favorite Jack Skellington stencil ideas.

1. Jack Simple

Easily lines and simple template to follow to get a look reminiscent of the Nightmare Before Christmas poster.

2. Intense Jack Skellington

We seem to have caught Jack with a menacing scowl. Now, that doesn’t seem like him, does it?

3. Jack Head Template

Complete with a frame for a border, this is one of the easiest templates for Jack’s head that we’ve seen. One of our favorites in this collection.

4. Three Pack of Nightmare Templates

Here we have Oogie Boogie, Jack’s evil skeletal grin, and Jack and Sally riding the Nightmare Before Christmas logo.

5. Jack on the Web

Jack appears to be all dressed up, with bat for a tie and everything. With a spiderweb for a backdrop, the spirit of Halloween is strong in this spooky one. Imagine the web as sketched out traces along the pumpkin. Very cool.

6. Jack and Sally Mean Love

Look at these two lovebirds together. Feels a bit macabre but has as hauntingly affectionate appeal, doesn’t it?

7. Sally & Jack Skellington Template

The two lovers are reunited on this pumpkin stencil so you can highlight them both together, side by side, as it always has been and should be.

8. My Personal Favorite Jack

What a cool use of negative space on a pumpkin! So simple, but this Nightmare Before Christmas look will be the talk of your neighborhood.

9. It’s Classic Jack!

That looks like Jack might be up to no good! Be inspired by this design to create a simple iconic Jack Skellington image on your pumpkin or chalk art.

10. Simple Jack Skellington Stencil

Here’s one idea for making your pumpkin stand out from the rest of the neighborhood this year. Allow a design like this to inspire you to do bigger, more creative things with your pumpkin.

11. Intricate Version of Sally

Fans of the famous character Sally will love this rendition of Jack’s number one love interest.

12. Zero, Jack’s Dog

Zero is Jack’s ghost dog who floats about and follows Jack Skellington on his journeys. Notice his nose? It’s a glowing pumpkin!

13. A Simple Smile from Jack

Naturally, there are true Jack Skellington fans out there willing to spend time on a creation that will have the whole neighborhood talking. Take an image like this and make a stencil that you can use for the highly detailed work a pumpkin like this would require.

14. This is Jack’s Evil Face

Halloween and Jack Skellington go together like, well, a Nightmare Before Christmas. Let’s get a close-up of Jack when he’s at his dastardliest.

15. Jack Skellington and Spider

This design is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need time and talent to pull this one off, but by using this pumpkin carving template as a guide, you’ll end up with the most unique pumpkin on the block.

16. Jack Skellington Seems Angry

We’re sharing this pumpkin template in the hopes that if you put this grumpy Jack face on your porch, you’ll scare away all bad spirits this Halloween.

17. Jack Skellington Template

Here, let us make this easy for you. Just print out this template on your printer, tape it to your pumpkin, grab your knife and follow the lines. Easy peasy.

18. Jack Skellington and Sally

Take your time with this one, exhibit some restraint and a little patience, and you’ll soon be rewarded with an exact replica of the Nightmare Before Christmas poster. Hey, is that Oogie Boogie in there?

19. Jack Skellington and Sally Hold Hands

Fan art made into a sticker; buy the sticker or use this to inspire you to go in a creative direction with your own Jack Skellington artwork on your pumpkin.

20. Jack Skellington Seems Content

As we come to the end of this collection of Jack Skellington stencils, I like to end at a point where Jack is smiling at us. Benevolently, right? Right??

Jack Skellington Pumpkin Stencil Inspiration

Get inspired! Take a look at what other people have done to create spooktacular Jack Skellington pumpkins.


When you’re looking for a Jack Skellington pumpkin carving template, it can be difficult to know what to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of Jack Skellington pumpkin stencils. These stencils will help you take your pumpkins from “meh” to “WOOO!” in no time.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below!

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