40 Best Maleficent Fan Art

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Maleficent fan art is some of the most popular Disney fan art out there! Try also Jafar, Cruella de Vil, and Evil Queen fan art.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of our favorite examples of Maleficent fan art!

If you’re a true Maleficent fan who loves to draw or simply appreciates good art, then this round-up of Maleficent fan art is going to inspire your creativity.

We scoured the internet to find shareable fan art and we’ve curated some truly incredible pieces of art here.

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And we hope this will inspire you to create your own works of art. Digital, hand-drawn, whatever your medium, your artwork can be a great expression of your affinity for Maleficent.

Our Favorite Maleficent Fan Art

Maleficent has become a favorite amongst Sleeping Beauty fans and it’s no wonder why. It’s not hard to see why fans are as passionate about Maleficent as they are.

Below are some of our favorite fan art pieces featuring Maleficent, hope you enjoy our curated collection!

The Nightmare Maleficent

Maleficent’s name is derived from the Latin words “male” and “ficent,” which mean “evil” and “doing” respectively, making her name a literal translation of “doing evil.”

Maleficent – Art Nouveau

Maleficent was first introduced in the 1959 Disney animated film Sleeping Beauty as the primary antagonist.

Maleficent drawing

The character of Maleficent was inspired by the evil fairy godmother character from Charles Perrault’s fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

Wicked Wings

In Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is depicted as a fairy who curses Princess Aurora to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die on her 16th birthday.

Maleficent fan art

Maleficent is also known as the Mistress of All Evil, a moniker that was given to her in the original Sleeping Beauty film.

Disney Villains – Maleficent

Maleficent is one of the few Disney villains to have her own movie. The live-action film, Maleficent, was released in 2014 and starred Angelina Jolie in the titular role.

Maleficent illustration

Maleficent’s iconic look, which includes her black cloak, horns, and staff, was inspired by the appearance of a bat.

Maleficent – vector art

In the Maleficent movie, it’s revealed that Maleficent was once a fairy who protected the Moors, a magical realm inhabited by fairies, magical creatures, and other enchanted beings.

A bitty Maleficent.

In the Maleficent movie, it’s also revealed that Maleficent’s wings were stolen from her by King Stefan, Aurora’s father, which is why she became a villain and cursed Aurora.

Maleficent Silhouette

Maleficent was originally supposed to be a green-skinned witch in Sleeping Beauty, but the animators ultimately decided to make her purple instead.

Maleficent Kickass Villain

Maleficent is one of the most popular Disney villains and has been featured in numerous Disney merchandise and theme park attractions.

Mistress Of All Evil

Maleficent is also a playable character in the Disney Infinity video game franchise.

Maleficent x Good Faries

In the live-action Maleficent movie, Maleficent’s crow, Diaval, is actually a shape-shifter who can transform into different animals.

Origami Visage – Evil Sorceress

Maleficent’s horns in the live-action movie were made from lightweight foam and covered in silicone to give them a realistic texture.

Wicked Vilkains

The character of Maleficent was originally supposed to have a bigger role in the original Sleeping Beauty script, but the animators had to cut some of her scenes due to budget constraints.

All the Powers of Hell

Maleficent is one of the few Disney villains to not have a love interest, which makes her a unique character in the Disney universe.

Malificent Rises

Maleficent’s voice in the original Sleeping Beauty film was provided by actress Eleanor Audley, who also voiced another iconic Disney villain, Lady Tremaine from Cinderella.

I will not ask your forgiveness

Maleficent’s design and character traits have been used as inspiration for other villains in the Disney canon, such as Ursula from The Little Mermaid and Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

MALEFICENT illuminating

Maleficent has been parodied and referenced in numerous TV shows and movies, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Shrek the Third.

Maleficent digital art

In the Maleficent movie, Maleficent is shown to have the power to control thorns, which she uses to protect herself and the Moors.

Now Shall You Deal With Me

Maleficent is one of the few Disney villains to not be killed off in her respective film. Instead, she is defeated and turned into a harmless old woman by Prince Phillip’s sword of truth.


Maleficent’s popularity has led to the character being featured in other media outside of Disney, such as the Kingdom Hearts video game series and the comic book series Disney Villains.

Maleficent tattoo design

Maleficent has also been portrayed in various theatrical productions, including the Disney on Ice show and the Broadway musical adaptation of Sleeping Beauty, titled Once Upon a Mattress.

Maleficent holding baby Aurora

Maleficent has become a cultural icon and symbol of female empowerment, with her character representing a strong and independent woman who is unafraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. Her popularity has also spawned various merchandise, including clothing, jewelry, and toys, making her a beloved and enduring figure in the Disney universe.

Make It Black


Maleficent Sketch

Maleficent’s Spell

Maleficent Chibi

Maleficent black n’ white fan art

Adorable Moment

Maleficent by ink & watercolor

Maleficient pin up

Fairy Tale Illustrated

Maleficent anime version

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent Poster Design

Days of Halloween

I will protect you…

Maleficent and Diablo


When looking for Maleficent fan art, inspired by Sleeping Beauty or the Maleficent live action movie, it can be hard to find the best quality artwork.

But never fear! We’ve curated a collection of Maleficent fan art that we think you’ll love.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below!

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