50 Best Marvel Toys

50 Best Marvel Toys for 2020

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The Marvel Universe has recently grown to be a favorite in many households around the world. These superheroes have launched onto our screens, made us laugh, and taught us great lessons about what it means to be a hero—and a friend.

So, naturally, Marvel toys modeled after these heroes are going to be on the holiday lists for many kids this year, leading into the new decade.

If you’re in the market for Marvel Universe figures and gadgets for your kids, check out this ultimate list of Marvel toys. They’re sure to keep Marvel lovers of all ages happy and ready to take on the world.

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Why Marvel Toys Are the Hottest on the Market Right Now

The Marvel Universe has been making a killing in the box office. From the Thor series to the new Black Panther to the master mix-up of a hero movie, The Avengers, we’ve all seen what an impact these heroes have made on us.

Heck, they even have created a Marvel Disney Cruise!

Not only are they great cinematic adventures, but they introduce us to heroes who are quite like us—human and anxious at times, but willing to do what it takes to protect the ones we love.

Marvel Universe toys allow you and your family to continue on in the action even after the movie ends. Pretend to be your favorite heroes, saving the world when you check out these hot toys from Marvel.

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Your Buyer’s Guide for the 50 Best Marvel Toys

Avengers Toys

The latest movie to close out their saga, Avengers: Endgame, made almost $3 billion in the box office worldwide! If your kid (or your own inner child) loves the Avengers, check out these favorites:

1. The Avengers Figurines

The first of the best Avengers toys is the Avengers Deluxe Figurine Set. Authentic from the Disney Store, this complete set of 12-inch Avengers action figures comes with Captain America, Thor, Ant-Man, The Hulk, Thanos, Iron Man, Nebula, and Black Widow. This package is great to create their own action-packed fighting scenes at home.

2. Avengers Walkie Talkies

The Avengers Walkie Talkies are a great gift for younger Avengers fans because they’re simple and easy to use. Kids can use these to team up with friends and go on fun adventures together. The walkie talkies come with built-in sounds to send and receive; these include character catchphrases, fun sound effects, and your own voice. The devices light up as you play and have a range of up to 500 feet.

3. Avengers Laser Tag Guns

These Avengers Laser Tag Guns are an exciting way to have an epic battle between two friends. One has a Captain America design, while the other has an Ironman design. The guns come with three shooting modes, each with its own weakness and strength in distance, damage, and reloading time. You can use the secret weapon button to launch a surprise attack! This is a great present for the active one who loves a good Civil War.

4. Avengers Endgame Infinity Gauntlet

Imagine having control over the universe with your very own Infinity Stone Gauntlet! Put this gauntlet over your fist and conquer the universe—or protect it—the choice is yours! The glove comes with built-in lights and sounds to enhance your playtime and help you create some epic battle scenes.

5. Avengers Hot Wheels Cars

This five-pack of Hot Wheels cars comes with a design from some of our favorite Avengers: The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and Hawkeye. Your mighty heroes can race, venture out to find bad guys, and more. Each car comes with its own superhero details, so it’s fun to collect them all!

6. Playskool Mini Avengers Action Figures

The Mini Avengers Action Figure Set from Playskool is a great choice for your pre-schooler or toddler who’s not yet playing with the full-sized action figures but still wants to be included in the fun. The set comes with ten collectibles from Avengers: Age of Ultron. Kids ages three and up can engage in fun role-playing activities and let their imagination run wild.

7. Avengers Matching Game

When it’s time to sit down for Family Game Night, this Marvel Matching Game is a great choice for a family with young kids. The set comes with game instructions and 72 cards. It’s quick and easy to learn how to play. This game helps your kids develop critical skills like focus, memory, and matching. It’s also fun to play because it features pictures of everyone’s favorite Marvel characters. The matching game is great for solo play as well as group play.

Iron Man Toys

Iron Man is everyone’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist. Check out some of the best Iron Man toys out right now:

8. Iron Man Action Figure

This Iron Man is the perfect action figure for any kid. Coming at an affordable price, you can move his arms, make him fly around the room, and fight the bad guys. Purchase the other action figures on the list and have him team up with the rest of the Avengers crew. You can also attach this toy to an FX launcher for sounds and your favorite phrases.

9. Iron Man Arc FX Armor Gloves

The Iron Man Age of Ultron FX Armor is a great toy for the Iron Man lover who also loves to move. It’s made with safe materials, so it proves to be durable and high-quality even after intense battling. The gloves make powering up and other battle sounds, and they’re motion-activated, which adds another fun level to playtime.

10. Iron Man Action Figure with Accessories and Projectile

The Iron Man Titan Hero Figure comes with playing accessories, a launcher and projectile. Use the blast gear to attack enemies and protect your city. This Marvel toy is compatible with other Titan Hero figures and accessories, so make sure to check them out and grow your collection.

11. Playskool Mega Mighties Iron Man Collectible

The Mega Mighties Iron Man comes in a small size that is perfect for the little one on your list. This poseable action figure can help inspire imagination in your child—morph him into any scene or situation you can imagine. This toy is a collectible; make sure to look for the other Marvel Mega Mighties to build your crew.

12. Iron Man Remote Control Flying Helicopter

This super cute Iron Man Flying Helicopter lets you fly around your backyard to defeat your enemies. It’s tons of fun to get some fresh air and reach new heights! This gadget is the perfect size for small hands. It comes with a remote control and a USB charger.

13. Iron Man Electronic Action Figure

Last of our Iron Man favorites is this Classic Iron Man Action Figure. With a shiny, bright design, this action figure features battle sounds and fun catchphrases to add to your play. Fly your favorite Avenger around the room and proclaim, “I love you 3,000!”

Captain America Toys

The next toys on our list feature good ol’ Captain America. Here are some of our favorites:

14. Captain America’s Playskool Victory Launcher

The Playskool Captain America Victory Launcher is a great toy that’s safe for toddlers and young children. It comes with a Captain America figurine and power up vehicle. There are many ways to play: play with a friend, launch projectiles across the room to beat up those bad guys, or put Cap in his motorcycle and help him race into battle.

15. Captain America Titan Hero

If you or your child are a fan of Avengers: Endgame, check out the Captain America Titan Hero, whose design was based on his look in the movie. He’s the perfect size action figure to play for hours on end. You’ll be telling the villain, “I can do this all day!” You can even connect him to a Power FX launcher to unlock fun sounds and phrases.

16. Captain America Magnetic Shield and Gauntlet

Captain America is known for his famous accessory, his Vibranium Shield. Now, your kid can have one of his or her own! The shield attaches to a magnetic gauntlet that allow you to move and play out action-packed scenes. This toy is perfect for playtime, but it’s also a fun accessory to add to your Captain America costume!

17. Captain America Electronic Figure

The Captain America Electronic Figure features the Cap in his traditional costume. The figure features fun battle sounds and phrases like “Captain America, reporting for duty!” You can play and act out exciting adventures with his detachable shield. Team up with other Avengers to grow your gang of heroes!

18. Captain America Pillow Buddy

If your child loves cuddle time, check out this Captain America Pillow Buddy. This soft plush toy is fun for playtime, nap time, or even traveling long distances in a car or plane. This plushie comes in the perfect size for hugs from the little one. He or she can take their favorite hero wherever they go!

19. Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear

The Captain America Nerf Assembler Gear is great for both indoor and outdoor play. Add more pieces to the shield and blaster to grow your inventory and try out different combinations. You can even combine it with other Avengers Nerf Assembler Gear to play with your whole group of friends.

Incredible Hulk Toys

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry, but he’s still one of our favorites! Check out some of the best Incredible Hulk toys you can grab in 2021:

20. Incredible Hulk Titan Hero

Modeled after his look in Avengers: Endgame, this Incredible Hulk Titan Hero is a great toy to add to your collection. The 12-inch Hulk figure is great for role-playing and acting out your favorite scenes—or you can create your own! This toy can connect to the Power FX pack to activate exciting sounds and quotes.

21. Gamma Grip Hulk Fists

You can turn into your favorite Avengers fighter with these Gamma Grip Hulk Fists. When your kid puts their hands in, you can let the battle begin. Toss around a “puny god” or show them just how angry you can get! With these gloves, you can grip and grab items or perform a crushing action. The gloves come in a soft material, so any Hulk smashing will still be safe for kids four and up.

22. Incredible Hulk Action Figure

If you’re a fan of classic Marvel, check out this Incredible Hulk Action Figure. This Diamond Select figure is great for collectors. Standing 10 inches tall, this figure comes with a rubble base. Play with him and create epic battles, or showcase your figure as decor in your Nerd Cave.

23. Playskool Mega Mighties Hulk

Smash into battle with this mini figurine. The Playskool Mega Mighties Hulk is a great choice for toddlers. With three points of articulation, you can pose this figure in many ways to join in on any battle. Collect them all and pair up your Hulk Mega Mighty with the rest of the Avenger crew.

24. Playskool Hulk Figure with Tread Racer Vehicle

The Playskool Hulk Figure and Tread Racer Vehicle is a small-sized toy that’s great for little hands. The Hulk fits into his tread racer vehicle to roll around the scene and Hulk Smash the enemies away. This simple toy is easy to get started and play, so it’s an ideal option for the tinier Marvels fans in your life.

25. Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear

The next Marvel toy on our list is the Nerf Hulk Assembler Gear. This set comes with a fun and exciting Hulk-inspired design. It allows for different blaster combinations, so purchase the other gear to grow your inventory. Your kid will have tons of fun teaming up with friends to create an epic battle in the backyard.

Spider-Man Toys

It’s no surprise that your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is on our list of favorites. Check out these great Spider-Man toys:

26. Spider-Man Titan Hero

The Spider-Man Titan Hero is a great choice to add to your Marvel Action figure collection. This outfit was inspired by his look in Avengers: Infinity War. Make Spiderman stand in various poses to act out scenes and battles. It can also connect to the Power FX launcher to hear fun sounds and catchphrases.

27. Spider-Man Web Cyclone Blaster

We couldn’t put Spider-Man toys on the list without including a web blaster toy. This 3-in-1 Web Cyclone Blaster is great for pretending to be Spidey. It comes with web fluid, so you can sling webs at enemies. Shoot webs straight or in a spiral. This blaster also allows you to have water-shooting fun, too.

28. Spider-Man Pillowtime Pal

Here’s another great toy that was made for cuddling. Get this Spider-Man Pillowtime Pal for the Spider-Man fan who also loves naps. This super soft plush is great for any child, and it’s built to be durable and last through playtime. Take this plushie on a plane with you, cuddle with it during nap time, or just keep it as a decoration in your kid’s room.

29. Spider-Man Ride-on Toy

Get some fresh air and take a ride around the cul de sac with this Spider-Man Ride-on Toy. This cruiser is a great choice for the summertime. Your kid can head out to fight crime just like Spidey on this fun toy. It’s ideal for kids up to 44 pounds.

30. Spider-Man Infinity War Action Figure

With power comes great responsibility. Grab this Infinity War Spider-Man Action Figure, so you can pretend to use your powers for good, too!  Inspired by his design in the movie, the figure comes with a spider-claw accessory attached to Spider-Man’s back. Act out your favorite action-packed scenes with this fun action figure.

31. Spiderbolt Nerf Powered Blaster

Increase your spider gear with this Spiderbolt Nerf Powered Blaster. The toy comes in a crossbow design that allows you to shoot Nerf darts at your foes. Pull back the handle, then release to launch an attack on your enemies! The blaster comes in a fun Spider-Man design, and it’s a great accessory for kids of many ages.

32. Spider-Man Far from Home Jet

Last on our list of Spider-Man toys is the Far from Home Spider-Jet. This set comes with a small Spider-Man figure and jet vehicle. Spider-Man will hang from the jet to soar above enemies and launch special attacks to protect the city! This toy is tons of fun to create action-packed scenes and adventures.

Captain Marvel Toys

Captain Marvel shocked many of us with her butt-kickin’ flash from the past movie. Check out some of the best toys based on her story:

33. Captain Marvel Action Figure

One of the newest Marvel heroes, Captain Marvel, is ready for battle! Check out the Captain Marvel Action Figure so you can suit up to save the world. The toy includes an interchangeable head with helmet and open hands. Your kid can put her in any fighting stance to recreate your own battle scenes. The figure has multiple points of articulation to move her around and fight.

34. Captain Marvel Superhero Doll

Captain Marvel shows us that girls can be heroes, too—stronger than the boys, even! This Captain America Marvel Superhero Doll is modeled after her design in her movie and Avengers: Infinity War. With five points of articulation, she can make many different poses to roleplay your favorite battle scenes. She comes with fist blaster accessories and soft hair that’s brushable.

35. Captain Marvel Super Hero Doll with Goose the Cat

This is another great toy for Captain Marvel fans. This Captain Marvel Super Hero Doll comes with a backpack and Goose the cat companion. Stick Goose in the backpack and you and your very own Captain Marvel can go on some epic adventures. Put her in dynamic poses to act out fun scenes, and have her team up with other Marvel heroes to save the universe!

36. Captain Marvel Titan Hero

The Captain Marvel Titan Hero is designed based on her look in Avengers: Endgame. You can connect this toy to the FX power launcher to unlock fun sounds and catchphrases. If you have the other Avengers Titan Hero toys, make sure to grab this one to grow your collection and play with the whole crew!

37. Captain Marvel American Girl Doll Outfit

If your child loves the American Girl dolls as well as the Marvel heroes, check out this Captain Marvel American Girl Doll Outfit. Now, your American Girl Doll can also suit up like Captain Marvel to fight crime and evil on Earth. This toy is the perfect accessory to add to your American Girl Doll collection. The set includes a one-piece outfit, two armbands, and two adorable little boots for your doll.

38. Captain Marvel Nerf Assembler Gear

Fight crime as Captain Marvel with this Captain Marvel Nerf Assembler Gear. This toy allows you to make a bunch of different blaster combinations, so make sure to purchase the other sets to enhance your inventory. Slide it onto your arm and blast your enemies away!

Black Panther Toys

Black Panther is one of the newest heroes to the Marvel Universe who showed us he’s no one to mess with. Check out some of our favorite Black Panther toys for 2021:

39. Black Panther Titan Hero Action Figure

Another great action figure, the Black Panther Titan Hero is a fun and exciting toy to add to your collection. Put him in different poses to act out your favorite battles and show your enemies what it takes to be a true King. This toy connects to the FX power launcher as well to unlock battle sounds and exciting quotes.

40. Black Panther Vibranium Strike Gauntlet

The Black Panther Vibranium Strike Gauntlet is a fun toy to get up, get out, and play to reenact your favorite battles. It’s a great toy for both indoor and outdoor play. Slide your arm into the strike gauntlet, then blast your enemies away with the fun and safe projectiles.

41. Playskool Black Panther Mega Mighties

If your toddler loves Black Panther, check out the Playskool Black Panther Mega Mighties. These collectibles are awesome to grow your team. The perfect size for little hands, this figurine is fun to use to act out fun scenes and fights. Look for the rest of the Marvel Mega Mighties to collect them all!

42. Black Panther Vibranium Power Mask

There’s nothing more fun than playing dress up as your favorite hero. This Black Panther Vibranium Mask makes that possible. Your kid can crawl and leap around the house like Black Panther and use the mask’s light effects to enhance playtime. It also comes with 2-view eye sockets, so your little hero can choose to flip the lens up or down.

43. Black Panther Nerf Assembler Gear

You guessed it—there’s also a Nerf Assembler Gear set with a Black Panther-inspired design. Add this one to your collection to grow the blaster setup combinations. The purple blaster slides onto your arm and shoots Nerf darts at enemies. This is a great toy to act out and role-play his fun fighting scenes.

44. Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Claw

Your little hero can team up and take down enemies with this cool, techy Black Panther design. Defend the vibranium and shout, “Wakanda forever!”

More of Your Favorites from the Avengers

That’s not all! We put together some bonus toys if your favorites didn’t make it on the list so far:

45. Rocket Action Figure

The Guardians of the Galaxy have become some of our favorite heroes in the past few years, especially the non-human cuties like Rocket and Groot. If your child loves this non-traditional bunch of heroes, check out this Rocket Titan Hero. This 12-inch action figure is based on Rocket’s design in Avengers: Endgame. You can connect him to the FX power launcher to get some cool sounds and catchphrases.

46. War Machine Titan Hero

We can’t forget about War Machine. The War Machine Titan Hero is another great toy to add to your collection in 2021. The 12-inch figure has a movie-inspired design and is great to enhance your playtime with your Avengers crew. Like the other Titan Heroes on our list, he can also connect to the FX power launcher to unlock cool sounds.

47. Hawkeye Longshot Bow

Hawkeye is one of the most underrated members of the Avengers. Now, you can be the perfect shot like him with the Hawkeye Longshot Bow. This kid-sized crossbow comes with a cool Avengers design and Nerf darts to launch at your enemies. It’s great for children of all ages because it’s been proven to be safe and durable through many playdates.

48. Thor Titan Hero

The Thor Titan Hero is a great addition to your collection of Avengers Action Figures. Donned in his red cape and helmet, Thor is ready for battle. The figure comes with his famous and heavy hammer. Do you have what it takes to lift it and defeat your powerful enemies?

49. Black Widow Titan Hero

We can’t make a list of Marvel Avengers toys without including Black Widow. This Black Widow Titan Hero is another great addition to your collection. She has five points of articulation that allow you to put her in fun poses to act out the best battle scenes. She’ll flip and jump through the battle, dodging attacks and taking out the bad guys!

50. Thanos Titan Hero

You can’t have an Avengers battle during playtime without including a bad guy, right? This Thanos Titan Hero is a great toy to close out our list. He comes with a movie-inspired design, including his gold Infinity Gauntlet. With a snap of his fingers, the whole universe can change. Make sure to grab the Avengers crew to defeat this foe!

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