Port New Orleans, Louisiana Webcam

The Port of New Orleans Webcam shows the cruise ship terminal where Disney Cruises frequently depart from.

The webcam refreshes every 60 seconds, if it does not refresh automatically, press the refresh page button.

Weather at Port of New Orleans

Map of Port of New Orleans

Information About Port of New Orleans

The Port of New Orleans is a trade hub for countries all across the world as well as being a popular embarkation port for many cruise lines. The port is located just inland from the Gulf of Mexico on the Mississippi River.

Disney Cruise Line will begin to call New Orleans a home port starting in 2020 when the Disney Wonder will do a series of cruises to the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

If you are embarking on a cruise from Louisiana, then keep your eyes open for Tiana from Princess and the Frog!

History of the Port of New Orleans

The Port of New Orleans was established in 1718. It has been a major port for the U.S. throughout its history, and it played a key role in the American Civil War by providing a military supply base for the Union.

Today, the Port of New Orleans is one of the largest ports in the world for handling containerized cargo and coffee imports, and it is also a leader in exporting grain and scrap metal. The port’s parent company—the Port of New Orleans—is publicly owned, but it has three independent business units: the Board of Commissioners, which oversees all of the port’s operations; the Dock Board, which operates the docks; and the NOBFDC, which finances and manages capital projects.

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