40 Best Tangled Fan Art

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Tangled fan art is some of the most popular Disney fan art! See also The Princess and the Frog, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid fan art.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of our favorite examples of Tangled fan art!

If you’re a true Rapunzel fan who loves to draw or simply appreciates good art, then this round-up of Tangled fan art is going to inspire your creativity.

We scoured the internet to find shareable fan art and we’ve curated some truly incredible pieces of art here.

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And we hope this will inspire you to create your own works of art. Digital, hand-drawn, whatever your medium, your artwork can be a great expression of your affinity for Tangled.

Our Favorite Tangled Fan Art

Tangled has become a favorite amongst Disney fans and it’s no wonder why. It’s not hard to see why fans are as passionate about Tangled as they are.

Below are some of our favorite fan art pieces featuring Tangled, hope you enjoy our curated collection!

Endless Love

Tangled was released in 2010 and is the 50th animated feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. The movie was directed by Byron Howard and Nathan Greno and is loosely based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel.”

Tangled Fan Art

The film’s original title was “Rapunzel Unbraided.” However, Disney executives later changed the title to “Tangled” to appeal to a broader audience, as they believed the original title was too female-centric.

There’s Room Somewhere

Mandy Moore, who voices Rapunzel in the film, also recorded all of the songs for her character. She had no prior experience in recording music, but she worked with composer Alan Menken to prepare for the role.

Grounded for, like, ever.

The character of Flynn Rider was originally conceived as a straight-up villain, but the filmmakers decided to make him more of a roguish hero to add more complexity to the story.

Rapunzel and lolita fashion

Tangled was the first Disney animated feature film to be released in 3D. The film’s visuals were heavily influenced by the paintings of Jean-Honore Fragonard and other artists from the Rococo period.

I can’t hear you

Disney animators had to create a special software program called “Fur” to animate Rapunzel’s hair. The program allowed them to create a more realistic, flowing look for her hair, which was crucial to the story.

Rapunzel – Disney Tangled

The character of Mother Gothel was voiced by Broadway actress Donna Murphy. Murphy had never done any voice acting before, but her performance in Tangled earned her widespread critical acclaim.

Tangled Fan Made Illustration

Tangled was a box office success, grossing over $591 million worldwide. It was the second-highest-grossing animated film of 2010, behind Toy Story 3.

Here comes Rapunzel.

The film was also well-received by critics, who praised its animation, music, and story. It currently has a 90% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tangled Fan Made Poster

Tangled won a number of awards, including the Academy Award for Best Original Song for “I See the Light,” which was written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater.

Warm and Real and Bright

The film’s opening sequence, in which Rapunzel sings “When Will My Life Begin,” took nearly a year to animate. The sequence features more than 45,000 separate drawings.

Raps Max

The character of Maximus, the horse who serves as a lawman in the film, was originally going to be a silent character. However, the filmmakers decided to give him a personality and have him communicate through non-verbal cues.

Rapunzel and Flynn

The movie’s climactic scene, in which Flynn Rider cuts off Rapunzel’s hair to save her life, was heavily debated among the filmmakers. Some felt it was too dark for a Disney movie, but ultimately, they decided to include it in the film.

The crossover romantic couple

Tangled was the first Disney animated feature film to be released on Blu-ray and DVD simultaneously.

I see the light (Tangled)

The film’s theme park ride, “Tangled: The Musical,” premiered on the Disney Magic cruise ship in 2015. The show features new songs written by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater.

Tangled in a tree

The film’s soundtrack was a commercial success, debuting at number 44 on the Billboard 200 chart. It featured contributions from Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi, and Grace Potter.

Drop It…!

Rapunzel’s chameleon friend, Pascal, was originally going to be a mute character. However, the filmmakers decided to give him more personality and have him communicate through facial expressions and body language.

Inspirations: Disney Fan Art

The character of Rapunzel was designed to have an almost childlike innocence and wonder, which was reflected in her big, expressive eyes and curious personality. The filmmakers wanted to create a character who was relatable and easy to root for.

Where Tangled Makes Sense

The film’s production took nearly six years from start to finish, including three years of actual animation. The filmmakers also conducted extensive research on medieval and Renaissance-era Europe to inform the film’s design and visuals.

Walt Disney’s Signature – TANGLED

Tangled features a number of Easter eggs and references to other Disney films. For example, the character of Rapunzel briefly appears in the background of Frozen during Elsa’s coronation scene.

Tangled – Disney World

The film’s iconic floating lantern sequence was inspired by a similar event that takes place in real life in Thailand. The filmmakers wanted to create a visually stunning and emotionally resonant moment in the film, and the lanterns provided the perfect backdrop.

In the Style of another Artist

Tangled was released in the same year as another popular animated film, How to Train Your Dragon. The two films were often compared to each other due to their similar themes and release dates.

Tangled: Floating Lights

The character of Mother Gothel was partially inspired by the villainous queen from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Both characters are obsessed with beauty and youth, and will stop at nothing to maintain their appearance.

Tangled Sketch

The film’s original script was significantly darker than the final version, with more violence and sexual innuendo. However, the filmmakers decided to tone down these elements to make the movie more family-friendly.

Change the fates’ design

Tangled has since been adapted into various other media, including a television series and a video game. The film’s enduring popularity is a testament to its timeless story and memorable characters.

The lost princess

Gleam and Glow

Tangled Black Metal

Fan Made Cover “Tangled”

Get down – Tangled

Classics Tangled Poster

Tangled – Simple vector graphic

Raiponce – Art Nouveau

Rapunzel and Pascal

Tangled – Punzie Pin

Tangled Swing

Trichotillomania Dreams

Tangled on sketch paper

Hello Punzie and Pascal

Tangled – Chalk Mural


When looking for Tangled fan art, it can be hard to find the best quality artwork.

But never fear! We’ve curated a collection of Tangled fan art that we think you’ll love.

Let us know which design is your favorite in the comments below!

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