40+ Magical Encanto SVG Files

Encanto SVG

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These Encanto SVG files are some of the hottest Disney SVG options right now. You might enjoy Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast SVG too.

We’ve rounded up a huge collection of the best Encanto SVG files!

As a fan of the Encanto movie, it’s time to let your creativity shine with some Encanto crafts.

Having SVG files for your cutting machine can enhance your Encanto creativity, allowing you to make:

  • Birthday cards or invitations
  • Signs
  • Vinyl for water bottles, t-shirts, or wall decor

And that’s just scratching the surface! Go crazy with creativity as you enjoy this huge round-up of both free Encanto SVG and Encanto SVG you can purchase.

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Table of Contents

Free Encanto SVG

We’ve curated a huge collection of free Encanto SVG files from all over the internet. They’re perfect for your next project!

You can use these files to make anything from a cupcake topper to a poster, or even a t-shirt. Or maybe these free files are just what you need for party invitations, personal cards, banners, or vinyl cutouts. The possibilities are endless.

Mirabel Encanto Inside Mickey Head

Meribel is the latest Disney Princess…at least in our eyes, that is.

This free Encanto svg surrounds her with birds and butterflies; she truly is a heroine as she overcomes her internal struggles.

Disney Encanto Logo SVG

The team at Crafty Fun Parties did their best to replicate the Disney Encanto official logo.

If you want to take a stab at it yourself, check out this Encanto font to get you started.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno Free SVG

You are probably singing this song in your home right now! Get this We Don’t Talk About Bruno free svg to use for making shirts or tumblrs or whatever.

Mirabel, Mickey & the Butterflies

Here’s a fun idea for your next Encanto party: make Encanto invitations!

Add this free svg of Mirabel inside a Mickey head and create yourself the cutest birthday invites ever!

Free Butterfly SVG

Butterflies are an important part of Encanto, as Mirabel loves them. Her blouse is stitched with them, the embroidery on her skirt features them. So we better include it here with Encanto free svg files for your creative use!

Luisa Lifting – Encanto in Mickey Head

Luisa is looking particularly strong and capable here. You can get this file as a SVG, pdf, png, eps and more.

The cut-out of Mirabel surrounded by enchanted butterflies makes for a delightful look.

Madrigal Family Set 1 from Encanto

Get images of the entire Madrigal family in one bundle. In this set, you’ll get SVG of Pepa, Felix, Agustin, Julieta, Abuela Alma, and Mirabel.

Madrigal Family Set 2 from Encanto

Part 2 of the set. Get images of the entire Madrigal family in one bundle. You’ll get Luisa, Antonio, Bruno, Dolores, Isabela, and Camilo.

Did Somebody Say Flowers?

Grab the famous quote from the flower girl herself, Isabela Madrigal.

Strong Like Luisa

Time to flex those Luisa muscles and get stuff done!

Mirabel Encanto in Mickey Head

Go straight to the shirt with this iron-on pattern, available from Shop Iron-ons.

The cut-out of Mirabel surrounded by enchanted butterflies makes for a delightful look.

Encanto Disney Squad

A new twist on a favorite “squad” theme, this time it is the Encanto characters!

Bundle of 5 Encanto Favorites

Bundle includes The Magic is In You, Am I Fighting or Hugging, My Family’s Amazing, What Else Can I Do, and Great, Now I’m Thundering.

Isabela Set of 6 Files

Isabela is one of the most popular Encanto movie characters and these layered cut files might be just what you need for your project.

Silhouette Strong Like Luisa

I’m thinking this would look pretty good on a shirt. I want to wear it to the gym!

Luisa Madrigal Carries a Donkey

More on the Luisa is very very strong theme. This time she’s carrying a donkey. Just cause.

Sisters Are Everything

Featuring Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela – the three Madrigal sisters united.

I’m Hernando, I’m Scared of Nothing

Bruno’s alter ego, Hernando, has no fears!

The Magic Is In You

This inspirational quote from the movie has quickly become a life lesson and proud theme for many.

You Are My Gift

Remember a poignant moment in the Encanto movie with this file. Would make great artwork for a thoughtful card.

Power Trio of Sisters

Colorful silhouettes of Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela – the three Madrigal sisters.

I’m Jorge, I Make the Spackle

Another of Bruno’s alternate personalities, Jorge makes friends with the rats while in lonely isolation.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno SVG

The most famous song from the movie!

We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Music Notes

Another great option for the Bruno song. I guess we do like to talk about it!

Mirabel Holding a Butterfly

A trending Encanto SVG choice, the butterfly is an important emblem from the film.

Encanto Antonio SVG

Antonio Madrigal is surrounded by his animal friends, the leopard, the parrot and more.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Face SVG

It wouldn’t surprise us if this ends up being the most popular Bruno SVG choice of them all!

Strong Like Luisa with Donkey SVG

Let’s celebrate Luisa and her super strength with this Encanto Luisa svg file.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno No No

Show your love for the Madrigal family as we sing along together to “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” from Encanto.

Big Madrigal Family SVG Bundle

Features the full Madrigal family in one bundle: Mirabel, Camila, Abuela, Antonio, Isabella, Luisa, Dolores, etc.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Full Bruno Drawing

Colorful, this one depicts Bruno in his robes as Mirabel finds him in the movie.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Mice SVG

Lonely Bruno makes friends with the rats and mice during his isolation. This cutting file is grayscale and layered.

We Don’t Talk about Bruno with Butterflies SVG

An inexpensive choice, white letters on black background.

Antonio with Animal Friends

Antonio rides the back of his feline friend, while encountering many of the jungle’s creatures.

Bruno and the Mice

Here he is again – Bruno and his rat pack friends.

Artistic Version of We Don’t Talk about Bruno

Lonely Bruno makes friends with the rats and mice during his isolation. This cutting file is grayscale and layered.

I Really Wanna Talk about Bruno

Yeah, us too! Humorous take on the classic song lyric from the movie.

Why Did I Talk about Bruno?

We just can’t help ourselves, can we? Bruno is so “talk-worthy.”

Do We Talk about Bruno? Check the box

C’mon now – this multiple choice quiz should be pretty easy to get right. Right??

I Really Need to Know about Bruno

Put this on a shirt. Wear it to Disneyland. Enjoy the reactions 😎

No Se Hable de Bruno

It’s a Spanish language option for the taboo topic of Bruno.

Power Trio of Sisters

Go get ’em ladies! Nothing you can’t do together!

Perfect Pair: Isabela & Mirabel

Sibling rivalry? What sibling rivalry?

What is an SVG file?

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SVG files can be created in many different ways. You can use a graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator or Sketch to create them by drawing shapes with lines, curves, and ellipses. You can also use free programs like Inkscape or OpenOffice Draw to create them from scratch using vectors. After you’ve created your SVG file, you can save it as an SVG file so that other programs know how to display it.

If you’re just getting started with SVG files and Disney Cricut projects, we recommend watching this video from Jennifer Maker.

You’ll learn:

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How to Use an SVG File with a Cricut Machine

If you have a Cricut machine, this short video is a simple step-by-step overview of how to get started using SVG files with your Cricut cutting machine:

What Can You Make with Encanto SVG?

Encanto is a popular Disney movie and fans everywhere delight in using these SVG files to make their own creations (for personal use only).

While you’re only limited by your imagination, with Encanto files you can do fun projects like these:

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Let us know what fun things you decide to make in the comments below. You can find even more Encanto svg art here.

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