25 Mysterious Moon Knight Tattoos

Moon Knight Tattoo Designs and Ideas

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Moon Knight tattoos are some of the hottest Marvel tattoos right now. Marvel fans might also want to see ideas for Deadpool, Loki, and The Avengers tattoo designs.

Moon Knight is the superhero alter-ego of Marc Spector, a mercenary who finds himself reborn after an encounter with the Egyptian god Khonshu. After his epiphany, Spector dedicates his life to fighting crime with superhuman abilities bestowed upon him by Khonshu. Moon Knight is depicted as being bipolar and suffers from multiple personalities, and sometimes struggles to distinguish between reality and his own delusions.

Moon Knight has been a member of several different iterations of the Avengers and has appeared in several alternate universes within Marvel Comics.

Moon Knight has many aliases and is known by many names. He has been called “The Fist of Khonshu”, “Fist of God”, “The Fist of the Moon”, “Knight of the Moon”, “Moon God”, “The Avatar of Vengeance”, and “God of Vengeance”.

What Kind of Moon Knight Tattoo Design Should I Get?

If you’re a fan of Moon Knight’s Egyptian roots, consider getting a tattoo that incorporates the Egyptian god Khonsu. Khonsu is a god of the moon and protector of travelers who is typically depicted as having a falcon’s head on a human body. Because of his connection with the moon and night, he is sometimes called “He Who Is in the Moon.” A picture or symbol of Khonsu would make a great addition to any Moon Knight tattoo design.

You can go with an image from the comics or from the cartoons, but you could also choose something that represents Moon Knight’s true identity, Marc Spector. You could also go for something that personifies his alter ego’s personalities: Jake Lockley and Steven Grant. You can even do all three by creating a full sleeve featuring each persona!

The Moon Knight costume has a white cowl with silver eyes, a silver breastplate, white gloves and boots, and a cape. The costume’s belt has a large ‘M’ on it.

What is the Meaning of a Moon Knight Tattoo?

A Moon Knight tattoo is a symbol of your own light and shadow, representing the forces of both good and evil that work inside you. A Moon Knight tattoo’s meaning is seen as one of duality, with the power to be both a protecter and a destroyer.

Moon Knight tattoos are popular for their versatility in design, with everything from simple black-and-white designs to full color masterpieces. Sometimes these tattoos will depict the Moon Knight character himself, while others will depict a moon image combined with a knight or other warrior symbol.

Moon Knight tattoos can also represent the changing phases of the moon, which like our own emotions can be both dark and light.

Who is Moon Knight’s alter ego?

Moon Knight, or Marc Spector, is a Marvel superhero with multiple alter egos.

Marc Spector was working as a mercenary in Egypt when he was killed by a man named Raoul Bushman. As he lay dying in the desert, he was visited by the Egyptian moon god Khonshu, who promised to bring him back to life if he became his avatar on Earth. Spector agreed, and thus Moon Knight was born.

The Best Moon Knight Tattoo Ideas

Who is Khonshu and why does Marc Spector serve him?

Khonshu is the Egyptian god of the Moon and Vengeance, who resurrected Marc Spector, who then swore to serve him.

The mercenary Spector was hired to kill an archaeologist named Raoul Bushman who had just slaughtered his entire team. He tracked Bushman down in Egypt and fought him, but was mortally wounded during the fight. He crawled through the desert to a temple dedicated to Khonshu, where he collapsed.

He woke up later and found that he had been brought back to life by Khonshu himself. In exchange for his new lease on life, Khonshu asked Spector to serve as his avatar on Earth; what that means is that Spector only has powers at night when there’s a full moon, and those powers come from (and can be revoked by) Khonshu

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