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Yacht Club Rooms

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The Disney Yacht Club has a stately atmosphere, fitting with the ships for which it was named. As soon as you enter the lobby, a mix of rich woods and deep color tones has a warm and luxurious vibe. This feeling carries into the rooms, which match the overall character of the resort.

The rooms of the Disney Yacht Club have a simple color palette – dark brown woods, neutral sandy hues, and ocean blue accents. Many of the furnishings also sport gold handles or accentuations that give both a touch of brightness and elegance. In this instance, simple is best, as you have that feeling of a luxury liner rather than something more kitschy. Even the Disney touches are more subdued, adding to the overall adult air of the Yacht Club.

Like the Beach Club, the Disney Yacht Club has a variety of rooms to fit the needs of your party.

However, with the emphasis being more on adults, you may find the rooms fit better for a “grown-up group” rather than a family.

With that in mind, let’s find you the perfect “cabin” for your Disney vacation!

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Standard Rooms at the Disney Yacht Club


Similar to other Disney resorts, the Disney Yacht Club separates its rooms into two categories – standard and club level.

Within each of these levels are different view options. Both indicate what you will see off your balcony or verandah and determine your location within the resort.

At the Yacht Club the three views are standard, garden or woods, and water.

Standard View

Standard views typically have the “undesirable” lookouts, like a rooftop, sidewalk, or parking lot.

However, if you don’t particularly care about the literal view outside your room, standard view can be awesome.

Standard view rooms, since they see the parking lot, are sometimes close to the parking lot. If you drove your own car, this is a blessing. These rooms also tend to be cheaper because of their view, which is great if you’re trying to save a few dollars!

As someone for whom the view does not matter, I would gladly take the price decrease versus a better view.

Garden & Woods View

Garden or woods view rooms look out over the gorgeous landscapes surrounding the Disney Yacht Club.

These looks vary from the cultivated gardens and flowers to the wooded area on the backside of the resort. If you like a tranquil view in the morning or evening, you might want to consider this option.

A woods view is also likely to be pretty quiet, as it does not look out onto the boardwalk or any of the main thoroughfares.

Water View

Water views give you the chance to gaze out over Crescent Lake or provide a good look at the quiet pool areas. Again, if you like to start your morning out on the balcony, a water view can be just the right thing for you.

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea and watch the day start out on the boardwalk. It is peaceful and lovely, and you’re on the right side to appreciate the view without being blasted by the sun.

Even a view of the pool can be nice, although that runs the risk of being a bit louder. However, if you can see the pool, you are closer to the pool, which is a huge bonus.

Again, all the “view category” does is determine what you see and where you are in the resort.

When it comes to the actual components of the room, you need to consider the layout.

Layouts & Amenities

All the standard rooms have the same basic amenities:

  • Hairdryer
  • Internet – Free WiFi Service
  • Coffee Maker
  • Mini-refrigerator
  • Telephone with voicemail
  • In-Room Safe
  • Iron & Ironing Board

While it may not seem like much, that coffee maker and mini-fridge make all the difference. Being able to wake up and make your own coffee in the morning is a lifesaver, especially if you need that caffeine fix to get yourself moving.

With the mini-fridge, you can bring snacks like yogurt and cheese sticks, or even store a small carton of milk for cereal in the morning. My family did this growing up, and it saved us time and money, particularly on park days.

Room Layouts

All of the standard rooms at the Disney Yacht Club sleep five adults, which is nice if you’re traveling in a group or for work.

This does also mean that you could sleep a family in these rooms if you would prefer the Yacht Club to the Beach Club.

You can reserve a few different layout combinations:

  • Two Queen Beds & One Day Bed
  • One Queen Bed, One Twin-Size Sleeper Chair, & One Day Bed
  • One King Bed
  • One King Bed & One Day Bed

Depending on your party or the purpose of your trip, each layout has its own benefits.

Families would prefer the second option, while a group of three adults might prefer the first to avoid bed sharing.

Couples might like the third option, as it gives you more bed space and opens up the room at the same time.

The final option is nice if you’re traveling with just one child or you’re a couple traveling with another adult.

All of the views have a mix and match of these layouts, so when you’re booking just be sure to pay attention to the selection. If you have any questions or special requests, you can always call (407) 939-5277 and a Cast Member will help you out!

Disney Yacht Club Rooms with Club Level Amenities

Club Level puts you on a private Club-only floor, special amenities, and access to the Regatta Club lounge.

While the room layouts are generally the same, and the view options are also similar to the standard, it’s these bonus perks that you’re paying for the in Club Level price.

Typically, Club Level rooms will cost between $200-$250 more than the standard room of the same view, although prices are subject to change.


At the Club Level, you will have all the same amenities as a standard room with the addition of the following:

  • Evening turndown
  • Secured key access to the club-level lounge, the Regatta Club, serving refreshments 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily
  • Fax assistance
  • Newspapers in Club Level lounge
  • Health club access

You also check in separately up on the Club Level floor.

While turndown service and newspapers are nice, it’s the access to the Regatta Club that really makes this worth it.

As the food is always stocked, which means you can count on the Regatta Club as another place to get a quick meal.

Breakfast is by far the most popular time, so try to build in time to get your food and find a seat. That is particularly important if you’re going to the parks – don’t take for granted that this will be quick, because others will be thinking the same thing!

Get a look inside the Regatta Club with this video:

Room Layouts & Views

At the Club Level, all of the rooms are going to sleep four adults.

The views also make a difference in this instance, as the various views limit your options as far as the layout.

Standard View

Standard view, which still looks out over the rooftops or parking lot, is the most limited in terms of options.

For these rooms, you can only get two queen beds or one king bed, with room for a cot or pack n’ play if you have kids.

This is largely because there are less standard view rooms at the Club Level, so it makes sense you would have fewer layout choices.

Garden View

Garden view rooms have that gorgeous landscape outlook that is perfect for nature lovers.

These rooms have three layout options – one king bed, two queen beds, or two queen beds and a day bed.

Particularly the last one would be good for families, as it gives you the ability to spread your kids out among the space. Even if you have three little (or not so little) ones, everyone will have a bed rather than a cot.

Water View

Water view rooms look out over Crescent Lake and the boardwalk, providing spectacular views in the morning as the sunrises and in the evening as the lights twinkle across the lake.

This is the most expensive view at the Club Level, partially because of this splendor.

In the water view rooms, your layout choices are one king bed, two queen beds with a day bed, just two queen beds, or one king bed and a day bed.

As you can see, there are plenty of configurations available to fit the need of any party! Even with the extra cost, it might be worth it to get just what you need for your party.

Disney Yacht Club Rooms – Living the Suite Life

One there is only one suite option at the Yacht Club, these two-room suites are gorgeous.

Considered part of the standard level of rooms, they aren’t on the Club Level floor and don’t have those benefits.

However, these suites have plenty of benefits all their own.

Turret Suite

Located in the turrets of the resort, plenty of natural light makes its way into the rooms to give the whole suite an open and airy feeling.

Because of their location, the suites do have a distinctive shape to them, adding to the charm and beauty of the place.

The color scheme of the suite matches the rest of the resort, with the simple nautical color palette and sophisticated air.

Natural wood floors complement the cream and blue furnishings, making you feel comfortable and spoiled all at once. Meanwhile the ship-themed décor is right on point, adding to the overall atmosphere. Again, because of the placement in the turret, the living room has a unique octagonal shape that adds a touch of fun without detracting from the glamour.

In the master bedroom, two guests enjoy the luxury of a king bed and their own ensuite bathroom. The second bedroom has two queen beds and its own bathroom, making this suite ideal for families with kids or two parties travelling together. Located in the hallway, a desk and third bathroom adds function and efficiency to the space.

Explore the suite with this walkthrough:

Captain’s Deck Suite

Opening on a beautiful entry hall with decorative wood flooring, you’ll feel like a guest of the captain in this incredible suite!

The color scheme stays true to the Yacht Club theme, with an increased emphasis on the navy blue tones.

Largest of all the rooms at the Disney Yacht Club, the Captain’s Deck Suite is great for a long, extended family vacation.

A massive living room includes a chess table and large couch, perfect for families settling in for an evening movie. The living room continues with navy as the primary tone, with cream and gold accents warming the space. Connected to the living room is a large dining room, containing a dining table that seats twelve guests!

Off the dining area is a service kitchen, missing only a stovetop and dishwasher. A full sink, refrigerator, microwave, and plenty of cabinet space more than make up for it! You are more than able to make some of your own simple meals with these kitchen amenities, which will save you time and money.

The master bedroom has a luxurious king bed and massive ensuite bathroom, giving you the opportunity to pamper yourself and relax on your vacation. A walk-in closet completes the master suite, so feel free to use the space to unpack. This is also a great place to put your suitcases so that they are out of the way. A guest bedroom with two queen beds is great for additional members of your group, including their own bathroom.

A private outdoor patio completes the space, providing a sheltered place to relax or enjoy a meal outside.

Check out this incredible suite with this video tour:

Admiral’s Suite

Walking into the Admiral’s Suite at the Disney Yacht Club, right away you feel the opulence. Gorgeous wood floors feature an incredible nautical star design, with dark woods and deep blue walls accenting the motif. Bright white walls with molding lighten the room while maintaining a sophisticated air.

Similar to the Captain’s Suite, the Admiral’s Suite has a large living area, complete with huge couch and a desk space. These suites are built for families or bigger groups, and the living room accommodates all your guests. A fireplace adds a nice touch in the living room, and you might want to use it in the cooler months. There’s also an additional living room space, with a cool octagonal shape similar to the Turret Suites.

In the dining room, a table has space for five, although you could add a high chair or squeeze in other chairs if needed. A small kitchenette with sink connects to the dining room, which helps to prepare simple meals or divide ordered-in food. Even getting a pizza and eating in the suite will save you money, and it gives you a chance to enjoy the suite! A half-bath completes the communal spaces.

Like the other suites, the Admiral Suite has a master bedroom with ensuite bath, while the second bedroom has two queen beds and its own bathroom. Having this much space is great when you’re travelling with multiple families and kids, it makes it so much easier to get going in the morning!

Check out the suite in this video:

Relax in luxury by staying in one of the rooms at the Disney Yacht Club!

Grace Hoyos, Staff Writer

Grace is a life-long lover of all things Disney, particularly the parks at Walt Disney World. She is also an avid Disney Cruise Line enthusiast who regularly dreams of the white sands of Castaway Cay. Grace loves the fact that her Disney trips give her time to spend with her family, enjoy incredible food, and try new experiences.

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