50 Epic Galactic Starcruiser Tips

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Tips

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Star Wars hotel tips will help you more thoroughly the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser experience.

Blast off into the Star Wars universe like never before with a two-night stay on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser!

We’ve got all the tips and tricks for making your stay aboard the Halcyon the absolute best it can be, as well as how to navigate Galaxy’s Edge like a pro.

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Tips for Planning a Galactic Starcruiser Voyage

Star Wars Hotel?

Let’s get something straight off the bat – the Galactic Starcruiser is the “Star Wars Hotel.”

That’s not just a name. Why? Largely because of the immersive nature of the experience.

If you’re a huge fan of Star Wars, you might already know this, but if you’re booking because your kids (or adult kid) are fans, you might want to be aware ahead of time.

Disney does have a lot of specific terminology, and the Star Wars sections even more so.

Just remember, if you’re going to ask questions about the “Star Wars Hotel”, one of our tips is to know the real name of the Starcruiser.


Like all good Disney ships, the Galactic Starcruiser has a name – Halcyon. To help you sound like an old Disney pro, we wanted to go over the pronunciation with you. It’s Hal-see-uhn.

Again, this might not seem like it matters, but there are plenty of Star Wars fans out there that will happily correct you.

To save you the confrontation, that’s how you say the ship’s name.

Black Spire Terminology

One more note regarding the lingo – Galaxy’s Edge has lots of its own terms that also are part of the world of the Halcyon.

“Bright suns” means good morning, “rising moons” for good evening, and “til the Spire” as good-bye.

There are others as well, but these are some of the most common.

You might also see words like “refresher” instead of bathroom or “hydrator” for the water fountain.

Galaxy's Edge Refresher
“Refreshers” in Galaxy’s Edge
Photo: Grace Hoyos

Even if you’re bit apprehensive about the Star Wars-ness of it all, the Cast Members are still just as helpful as ever.

While they might be a bit more in character aboard the Galactic Starcruiser, they are still there to help with their own tips.

Save Up

Let’s address the bantha in the room: A vacation on the Galactic Starcruiser is expensive, so one of our top tips is to start saving as soon as possible.

Know exactly what experiences you want to check out on the Starcruiser, in Galaxy’s Edge, and during the rest of your Disney vacation.

Break down the costs of each and begin thinking about how you’re going to budget.

Use the Disney Visa to accrue points, purchase Disney gift cards to help limit excess spending, even consider working with a Disney travel agent to try to get the best deals.

However you work it, face the cost head-on instead of trying to pretend it’s not a factor.

It’s Still a Disney Vacation

Remember, the stay on the Galactic Starcruiser is only two nights.

If you’re staying at Disney World for a week, that means you have the rest of your trip think about as well.

Don’t forget to make those dining reservations and book other experiences along with everything you want to do on the Starcruiser.

My Disney Experience App

Along the same lines, you still need to use your My Disney Experience App ahead of and throughout your stay.

Your Galactic Starcruiser reservation is linked to your app, you can still use Online Check-in, and use the app for Mobile Ordering.

Also, all your other Disney vacation experiences happen through the app.

Tips for Galactic Starcruiser Experiences

As we mentioned with the budget, there are several additional experiences you can add for an extra cost to your Galactic Starcruiser voyage.

It’s important that you explore these ahead of time, and then make reservations.

You can book experiences up to 60 days in advance by calling (407) 939-1800.

You cannot book these online, and there is limited availability once you’re actually on the Starcruiser.

Get Your Gear!

Whether you’re going to go full cosplay or just Star Wars tees, make sure you’ve got all your galactic gear!

It’s just like packing your favorite Mickey ears or Disney outfits to hit the parks – you’ll want your Star Wars stuff to be on the Galactic Starcruiser.

This is one of the easiest tips to follow…and one of the easiest to forget. You can bet everyone else at the Star Wars hotel will be dressed accordingly, so you’ll want to do the same.

Looking for good DIY costumes? Check out this video!

Speaking of Ears…

We love making our own Mickey and Minnie ears!

While there are plenty of awesome Star Wars Mickey ears available through Disney, some of the best ears we’ve seen you can make yourself. There are also excellent small shops if you’re not that crafty, and these ears usually cost less than what you would find in Disney World.

Make your own ears with this video:

Watch the Movies & Shows!

More Galactic Starcruiser tips that are easy to forget would be to refresh your memory on the Star Wars content!

We have a suggested watch order for those looking to run the whole gambit, or you can check out the selection on Disney+.

They do a great job of grouping themed content, so you can catch the highlights of certain characters without having to do the whole story.

Regardless, this is the way…to get ready for your Star Wars hotel stay.

Tips for Your Galactic Starcruiser Arrival

Check in Online

Like other Disney resorts, you can use the My Disney Experience app to complete your check-in process.

Typically, this speeds up your check-in and gets you into your room more quickly.

However, in terms of the Galactic Starcruiser, access to your room is largely determined by your arrival window. Still, doing the check-in online helps.

Arrive Early

When checking in on the app, you can select an arrival window to the terminal.

However, we suggest getting to the Star Wars hotel between 30-45 minutes before that window time.

The earliest you can get into the terminal is 1:00pm, but there are multiple steps before you actually get into the Starcruiser.

Arriving early means less of your cruise time is spent waiting in line to board.

Beauty is Within

As you arrive at the Galactic Starcruiser, you’re probably going to wonder why you had to spend so much money to stay in a concrete bunker.

Even the drive to the Star Wars hotel isn’t great – you’re coming up the back entrance to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, since the Galactic Starcruiser directly connects to the park.

Much of this arrival goes against the philosophy of Disney in terms of their resorts and park facades, however it will be worth it upon entry.

Enter in the Terminal

Unlike the other gorgeous Disney resorts to which we are accustomed, the physical Star Wars hotel entrance is meant to simulate entering a hidden terminal.

It is through this terminal that you will board a launch pod that will take you into space – the real home of the Halcyon.

Again, you might have some reservations about this as you approach. However, hang in there, you’re going to love it once you board.

Valet is Included…and Required

You won’t be parking yourself, so this isn’t a situation where you have to worry about your vehicle if you drove your own car.

However, this does also mean you need to take everything you need out of the car when you arrive.

You can always access your car throughout your stay, but it’s better to get everything now.

Carry-on What You Need

Along similar lines, Galactic Starcruiser Crew Members take your luggage at arrival.

While this is great, it is much like a Disney cruise in that you won’t have access to your bags until they come to your cabin on the Starcruiser.

If there’s anything you need – medicine, diapers, food items, etc. make sure you have it on your person before they take your luggage.

Access the Datapad

Much like itineraries on Disney Cruise Line, you can use the Datapad to see your full schedule and to complete missions while on board the Starcruiser. You should make sure you have the Play Disney App on your phone to access the Datapad.

Galactic Starcruiser Datapad
Photo: Grace Hoyos

You can also use this part of the app while you’re in Galaxy’s Edge to complete even more land-specific missions!

Prepare to Wait

As we mentioned, there are a few stops before you enter the launch pod, many of which can only accommodate so many guests at once.

You have to view a safety video that explains the difference between a real emergency and a fictional emergency that’s part of the story.

From there, about 8-10 guests can enter a single launch pod, which then has its own story sequence.

If you’ve ridden Rise of the Resistance, some of this might sound familiar. There are story elements and transitions to bring you into the world of the Halcyon, but when you’re just trying to get into your resort this may seem like a long process. Knowing ahead of time can help you mentally prepare.

Where’s Lunch?

You can grab all your meals on the Halcyon in the Crown of Corellia Dining Room on Deck 4 (two decks below the Atrium).

This is where you’ll find the lunch buffet during the guest arrival window and before the mandatory Ship Muster at 4pm (cruise goers, does this sound familiar?).

Food is not going to be a worry while you’re on the Starcruiser!

When Does the Story Begin?

One of the best Galactic Starcruiser tips is to pay attention during Ship Muster.

The point of the Star Wars hotel is the immersive experience, and this is where the story begins for the guests.

It’s important that you listen to the storylines introduced, and that you talk to the characters afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to jump in – this is part of what you’re here to do!

Prep Your Kids

This is something you should do throughout the arrival and boarding process, but particularly before the Ship Muster.

You need to remind your kiddos, especially younger ones, that this is a game. It’s for fun, and everyone is pretending.

Some people might say that will spoil the fun – I disagree.

You don’t want your children to be genuinely afraid every time they see someone from the First Order.

Instead, they should think of it as joining a video game or jumping into a movie, where the bad guys won’t actually hurt them.

The last thing you want is to pay all this money and have your six-year-old asking to leave because he’s terrified…or your nine-year-old punching a poor actor because she feels threatened.

Tips for Your Galactic Starcruiser Voyage

It’s What YOU Make It!

This whole experience is about your immersive story.

You get to choose missions from your Datapad, you can help the Resistance or the First Order, and you can choose how to interact with the on-board characters.

We recommend getting as invested as possible (it’s what you paid for), but in the end your story is self-driven.

Not a Disney Resort

This is why you can’t really call the Galactic Starcruiser Disney’s Star Wars Hotel.

It’s not like other Disney resorts – no pool, spa, concierge, etc.

When you’re on the Halcyon, you’re in space – not on Disney property. Remembering that throughout your experience might prevent frustration regarding your expectations.

Everyone Gets Lightsaber Training

While you can choose many of your own missions, something all guests experience is lightsaber training. If you were worried about needing to book this experience, don’t. Your appointed time should be in your Datapad.

Check out the highlights of lightsaber training in this video:

Food and Snacks Included…

All your meals on the Starcruiser are part of the price, and that includes snacks in the bar or the atrium throughout your day.

It’s a good idea to grab some of these extra snacks before landing in Batuu for your on-world time at Galaxy’s Edge.

…Alcohol is Not

Like some other all-inclusive Disney experiences, alcohol is not part of the deal.

You have to pay extra for these, so just be aware during your voyage. If you aren’t one to consume these beverages, no problem, but if it’s part of the experience for you just make sure it’s in the budget.

Get Out & Explore!

If you’re spending a lot of time in your cabin during the day, you’re wasting your time.

Aspects of the story are going on at all times during waking hours, so get out there and experience it!

The more you interact with the characters, the more likely you’ll be selected for special missions or featured in the overall story.

Food is Included, Try Everything!

Don’t be afraid to ask for multiple dishes at dinner.

You already paid for the food, so you can get as much as you would like.

If you don’t like something, simply ask your server for something else.

This means you can explore your food options, but still end up with something you’ll eat.

Dress the Part

This goes along with your Galactic Starcruiser prep tips, but you shouldn’t be afraid of dressing up a bit.

Just like you would wear your ears to the Magic Kingdom, break out some robes or a fun hairstyle for the Halcyon!

Check out the Activities

Much like a Disney Cruise, there are scheduled activities throughout the day.

One of the most popular is a Sabacc tournament, featuring the betting card game from Solo.

This is a great way to meet other travelers and really get into the experience of the Starcruiser.

Use the Datapad!

Using the Play Disney Parks app, you can get notifications from your Datapad as to events unfolding around the ship.

You might find that a character needs help right away (a notification that comes through the Datapad), and you can head off to their location to assist.

This is the best way to stay invested in the story, and make the most out of your time on the Starcruiser.

Keep a Journal

If you’re not a writer, this might seem like a bit much.

However, as your experience is totally different from another guest’s, you might want to record everything that happened in your personal story.

What characters did you meet? Who did you help? What special missions did you complete?

This way, if you decide to try the Galactic Starcruiser again, you can see how your journey changed from episode to episode.

Tips to Transition from the Galactic Starcruiser to Galaxy’s Edge

Don’t Skip Batuu

This is one of the most important Galactic Starcruiser tips – don’t skip the day in Hollywood Studios.

It’s part of what you paid for, firstly, and it’s definitely part of the experience.

This is where the Galactic Starcruiser is different from a cruise. Some people like to stay on board a Disney ship so they can have it to themselves while the rest of the guests go ashore. In this instance, you’re not using something that you purchased. Don’t skip it!

Millenium Falcon at Galaxy's Edge in Orlando
Photo by Grace Hoyos

You HAVE Lightning Lane

Another part of the Galactic Starcruiser cost is Lightning Lane for both Rise of the Resistance and Smuggler’s Run.

Top tips for Galactic Starcruiser guests – don’t pay twice.

Taking a Transport

You do have a short ride in a Galactic Transport Shuttle between the Starcruiser and Galaxy’s Edge.

This maintains the illusion that you are coming from space back to a planet.

However, this also means you will have to wait in a short queue to get the transport, so it’s best to try to be as early as possible.

On-world Missions

In addition to the shipboard missions, Galactic Starcruiser guests can engage in multiple on-world missions in Batuu.

While some of these are a bit more complex and time consuming, you can unlock invitations to special events back on the Halcyon in the evening. Don’t skip this process!

Mobile Order at Docking Bay 7

We also recommend Mobile Order anyway, but it’s particularly true at Docking Bay 7.

This is a busy spot in Galaxy’s Edge, as it’s the only indoor food spot in the area.

Using the Mobile Order gets your food quickly and allows you to come right into the cool of the AC.

You have a voucher for your quick service meal on Batuu as part of your Starcruiser price, so you won’t have to pay extra.

Docking Bay 7
Photo by Grace Hoyos

Bring Water

This is standard for any Disney World park, but you’re going to want your own hydration.

You do get a water bottle as a Starcruiser guest, but you might want extra just in case.

Since Galaxy’s Edge isn’t like the rest of the park, sometimes it is hard to find those basics due to the immersive nature of the space.

Decide if You’re Staying Immersive

Remember, Galaxy’s Edge is only one part of Hollywood Studios!

You have the whole park before you in terms of your day. However, you have to decide if that will ruin your immersive experience.

Personally, I would want to take advantage of my full park day. I love Rockin’ Rollercoaster and Toy Story Mania far too much to pass them up. However, I respect that other people would feel taken out of their story if they left Black Spire Outpost. You just have to decide what works best for you.

Staying in Galaxy’s Edge? Do the Missions!

If you aren’t going to leave Galaxy’s Edge, it makes even more sense to explore and complete all the missions.

You really could spend a full day in Galaxy’s Edge and never go to the other parts of Hollywood Studios, there’s so much to find and explore.

If you’re staying immersive, you can take your time and really get into the fun of the mission process.

Try the Milks

Ok, we know the green milk scene in Last Jedi is off-putting. However, the fun milks are actually delicious.

I personally like the blue milk better, but if you like floral flavors the green is for you.

They also have grown-up versions with alcohol which might be fun for the of-age travelers to try.

Photo by Grace Hoyos

Rise of the Resistance Broke Down! Now What?

Let’s face it. Rise of the Resistance is a complex ride system that often goes down. While Disney is constantly trying to fix this, it may happen during your call time. Disney has several systems in place to address this issue, including providing Lightning Lane passes to onboard passengers and those about to get on the ride. Disney might also credit back your Lightning Lane to your My Disney Experience account, which you can then use on a different attraction.

Rise of the Resistance ride
Photo by Grace Hoyos

It is entirely possible that you won’t get to do this attraction, but those odds are low. I recommend trying to go as soon as your Lightning Lane is good, which gives you the most amount of time to decide what to do if the attraction does break down.

Do I have to do Savi’s?

People wonder if they must do Savi’s Lightsaber Workshop to have a full experience.

The answer is no, you don’t. But it is cool.

Lightsaber shop at Galaxy's Edge
Photo by Grace Hoyos

When we did Savi’s on a regular Disney trip, it was definitely one of the coolest experiences I’d ever done at Disney World.

The workshop is full immersive, with the cast members playing their parts well. It would certainly enhance your trip, however it is not necessary to make your Galactic Starcruiser journey a success.

Essentially, you have to decide if it is worth the extra $200 a person.

Want more Galaxy’s Edge tips? Check out our full Galaxy’s Edge guide!

Tips for Galactic Starcruiser Departure

Pack the Night Before

Just like the crew brought your bags in for you at arrival, you need to set the bags in the hall to be processed and brought out to you when you depart.

That does mean that your luggage needs to be fully packed and set out the night before departure.

Pack an Overnight Bag

With that being said, it might be a good idea to have a smaller bag (like a duffel) to use as an overnight bag.

That makes it easy to store any souvenirs, bathing suits, park clothes, stuffed animals etc. that you might still need for the next morning.

After all, this was only two days out of your Disney trip!

I am particularly fond of my Vera Bradley Weekender bag in these instances, but any small bag will work!

Stay as Long as You Can

The crew members will be politely trying to expedite your departure the next morning, but it’s ok to walk around and stay as long as you can. Do what you need to do to make the experience good to the last second.

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Firstly, you’re paying for it. Why skip the last meal on the Starcruiser? Second, the meal is substantial, unlike some departing day cruise breakfasts we’ve had. This sets you up well for the rest of your day. Finally, it’s one final chance to take your time on the Halcyon, get a few more pictures, and soak in what remains of the experience.

Want to see the full breakfast and checkout experience? Take a look at this video:

Take a Departing Photo

Don’t forget to grab a picture when you’re leaving! It’s something we all often forget in the bustle of heading out, but you’ll regret it if you don’t just take a minute for the photo.

Need a Ride?

If you didn’t drive your own vehicle, you can get a taxi voucher for your next destination, including another Disney resort. This is important as the Disney busses do not travel to the Galactic Starcruiser. You can also use this transportation to help you get to the airport or wherever you’re headed.

Plan a Down Day

If you’re transitioning to another part of your Disney vacation at this point, don’t try to squeeze in a park. Make this a pool day or a time to go to Disney Springs. You’ll likely be exhausted from the experience, so it’s good to take things easy the day you leave.

Enjoy your time traveling to the far reaches of the galaxy on the Galactic Starcruiser!

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