40 Adorable Baby Yoda Tattoos

Baby Yoda Tattoo Ideas

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Baby Yoda tattoos are favorite Star Wars tattoos. Fans might also like to consider popular characters such as Boba Fett, The Mandalorian, Darth Vader, and Darth Maul tattoo ideas.

We have officially entered a new era, the Reign of Baby Yoda.

As soon as America’s green sweetheart hit the screen, the Internet exploded with memes, art, and undying love for “The Child.” Just as quickly, he became the hottest Star Wars tattoo idea in years.

Dubbed Baby Yoda by his fandom, Grogu (yes, that’s his name) is the breakout star of The Mandalorian melted hearts with his big eyes and has fans craving for ways to showcase their adoration.

While Baby Yoda merchandise has been slow to hit the shelves, fans don’t have to wait to display their love for the little green guy with numerous options for a Baby Yoda Mandalorian tattoo.

Looking for design ideas?

You don’t have to go searching in a galaxy far, far away for the best Baby Yoda tattoo designs. Below we have compiled the ultimate list of Disney Baby Yoda tattoo ideas that will inspire you and draw the eye of any Star Wars fan.

Best Baby Yoda Tattoos

The Best Baby Yoda Tattoo Ideas

Baby Yoda Star Wars Tattoo

Source: Instagram @paulayaang

The force is strong with this tattoo. Displaying Baby Yoda in all his adorable glory, this simple design would fit easily on your arm, hand, or foot.

Stars and Heart Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @rabenweisstattoo

Do you have stars in your eyes with thoughts of Baby Yoda? Then, this design is the perfect way to showcase your love with an understated tattoo that gives us all the feels.

Modern Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @jodimayhem

He’s still, he’s still Yoda from the block. This tattoo packs a punch with major personality and attitude. It is a fun design that can be easily personalized with your favorite team!

Bold Black and White Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @rossirvineart

Baby Yoda comes to life with this realistic design. This Baby Yoda Mandalorian tattoo requires true creativity and detail from the tattoo artist. You can just feel those big eyes staring into your soul.

Moon and Stars Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @needlesanddreamss_tattoo

Is Baby Yoda the moon of your life? This adorable design emits a sense of fun and whimsy that will bring a smile to everyone’s face. This cute sketch could also be a perfect Baby Yoda temporary tattoo for the littlest Star Wars fans in your life.

Baby Yoda Portrait Tattoo

Source: Instagram @xpressions_tattoo

The amount of detail in this lifelike Baby Yoda tattoo is absolutely jaw-dropping. Truly, a work of art this more mature design is perfect for the older Baby Yoda fan.

Red and Blue Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @reb_bel_ink

This Baby Yoda Star Wars tattoo brings a pop of color with its red and blue background. The combination of color with the shaded Baby Yoda creates a design that is perfect as a stand alone tattoo or part of larger sleeve.

Diamond Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @izabela.baginska.tatuaze

This vibrantly colored tattoo highlights the Internet’s favorite meme, Baby Yoda drinking from his cup. Its bright design will be a hit with any fan.

Heart-Filled Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tatooinetattoos

Giving off strong 90s heartthrob vibes, this tattoo is a silly tribute to “the Child”. With its three-heart design, there will be no doubting your love for Baby Yoda.

Mandalorian Silhouette Tattoo

Source: Instagram @inarabuchinitattoo

The poster image for The Mandalorian, this tattoo makes a bold impact with the contract between light and dark in its color palette. This design is what immediately comes to mind when picturing our favorite pair.

Lightsaber Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @wilkinschristopher

A design that any Star Wars fan would simply “jedi” for. This Baby Yoda Star Wars tattoo has a classic and nostalgic feel with the inclusion of the green lightsaber.

Baby Yoda Star Wars Tattoo

Source: Instagram @geyovanny

This black and grey tattoo is simple in design with a great attention to detail. Baby Yoda stares out at you from his comfortable floating home.

Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @annaloux

I scream, you scream, we’ll all scream for this adorable tattoo! It is hard to picture anything cuter than Baby Yoda enjoying everyone’s favorite Disney Parks treat, a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. This tattoo is a sweet and humorous design that will guarantee a smile.

This is the Way Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sydneybeetattoos

This colorful tattoo has a tropical vibe that has you wishing you were hanging on the beach drinking out of coconuts with your favorite little green dude. After getting this tattoo, go enjoy a fruity drink. This is the way.

Ice Cream Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @crystalrodriguez_artdesign

Craving a scoop of pistachi-Yoda? The only thing melting with this design will be fellow Mandalorian fans’ hearts when they see this ice cream-inspired Baby Yoda tattoo. This design is a fun and unique design for any sweet tooth.

Starry Heart Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @mandypantstattoos

This heart design displays Baby Yoda on a colorful and dotted background. It has a simple sketch appearance that could add some color to your collection of body art.

Colorful Baby Yoda Hand Tattoo

Source: Instagram @brit_santana

A lively tattoo, Baby Yoda’s face emits a playful expression that highlights the heart-melting cuteness that is Baby Yoda. The vibrant colors of this design would make a great splash on either your hand or foot.

Baby Yoda Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo

Source: Instagram @hazel_tattoo

With his big, dark eyes, Baby Yoda peeks at you from behind the helmet of the Mandalorian. Deceivingly simple in appearance, this tattoo has a lot more detail upon closer inspection.

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Simple Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @momsofspokane

This tiny tattoo draws you in with Baby Yoda’s deep, dark eyes . If you are a fan of simple tattoos, then this is the choice for you. Its uncomplicated design has a straightforward, yet cute, appeal.

Small Heart Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @rachaelruby77

This tattoo hits you right in the feels. The brightness of the small red heart draws your eye to the adorable expression on Baby Yoda’s face. This tattoo is a perfect way to show Baby Yoda some love.

Baby Yoda and Mandalorian Tattoo

Source: Instagram @ramseyryetattoos

Is there anything sweeter than the bond between Mando and Baby Yoda? This already classic image of the pair is a tattoo that any fan can be confident in wearing.

Blue Flower Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @bfloeric

The blue flower adds a bright color contrast to the green complexion of Baby Yoda. This design would blend nicely with a tattoo collection that has a strong floral aesthetic.

Baby Yoda with Helmet Tattoo

Source: Instagram @halfbreed_tattoos

The accuracy of this Mandalorian helmet is impressive and creates a well-designed surrounding for a detailed Baby Yoda. He peers out at you as if waiting for you to hand him the knob from Mando’s control panel.

Baby Yoda with Hearts and Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo

Source: Instagram @bdctattoo938

This heart-filled tattoo adds some color to the well-known image of Baby Yoda with Mando’s helmet. Highlighting the love that Baby Yoda has for his devoted protector, this tattoo is a great choice for show fans.

Forearm Baby Yoda Mandalorian Tattoo

Source: Instagram @laceytattoo

This tattoo perfectly captures the color of our little green friend. Baby Yoda peers out at you, making it a great forearm or calf tattoo.

Watercolor Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @soltempletattoo

This tattoo imitates the brushstroke style of watercolor painting in a way that shows true tattoo artistry. The slightly muted color palette creates a sophisticated aesthetic that can be proudly displayed by any Baby Yoda fan.

Floral Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @poisonivy_painting

This tattoo gives off some serious Lilo and Stitch vibes with its Hawaiian floral design. The flowers add a brightness to the more muted colors of Baby Yoda.

Sunset Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @lawrain72

The sun never sets on Baby Yoda. The beautiful colors of the sun create the perfect backdrop for this Baby Yoda tattoo.

Baby Yoda with Rose and Leaves Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sharonkissel

This floral tattoo is a great option for a Baby Yoda henna tattoo. The intricacy in the leaves are nicely balanced by the simplicity of the rose.

Sipping Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @sashakiseleva

This detailed design is a spot-on illustration of Baby Yoda. As seen in the image, it would fit in nicely with a collection of detailed Star Wars tattoos.

Baby Yoda with Puppy Tattoo

Source: Instagram @erikkajamestattoos

What is possibly cuter than a puppy? A puppy with Baby Yoda, of course. The adorableness of this tattoo is off the charts, and is a fun and silly addition to any tattoo collection.

Baby Yoda Stencil Tattoo

Source: Instagram @thealbinolionink

The minimalistic feel of this Baby Yoda tattoo stencil showcases a simple and timeless deign. Small enough to fit on your hand, foot, wrist, or hip, this tattoo is a tasteful tribute to everyone’s favorite “child.”

Sea Green Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @dackattack

This sea green Baby Yoda tattoo has a brightness that almost seems to illuminate. An eye-catching tattoo, this would be an ideal size for either the leg, arm, or back.

Calvin and Hobbes Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @disneytatts

Name a cuter pair than Mando and Baby Yoda in pop culture these days. I’ll wait. Putting a spin on the classic Calvin and Hobbes image, this tattoo is a colorful testament to the sweet bond between our favorite bounty hunter and foundling.

Love Me You Must Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @minimir19

Love this tattoo you must. With the cartoonish and playful feel, it is a simple design with major cute factor. Another great option for a Baby Yoda temporary tattoo as well.

Baby Yoda Star Wars Tattoo

Source: Instagram @dewes.tattoo

The sketch-like appearance of this Baby Yoda tattoo is a true work of art. Another small design that could fit easily in any location, this black and grey tattoo design is a great option.

Baby Yoda Heart and Flowers Foot Tattoo

Source: Instagram @tattoosbyheathervenable

With bold lines, this floral tattoo would make a perfect Baby Yoda henna tattoo. More detail could easily be added to this tattoo to make a more intricate design.

Starbucks Baby Yoda Tattoo

Source: Instagram @joey.nichols.tattoo

What is stronger: America’s love for Pumpkin Spice lattes or Baby Yoda? With this fun tattoo, you don’t have to decide. Get your hit of caffeine with a side of cute in this Baby Yoda Disney Tattoo.

Baby Yoda Mandalorian Tattoo with Father Quote

Source: Instagram @nuclearcheerios

If you are a father, this is the perfect design to display your commitment as a parent. The heartfelt message in this design evokes a sense of warmth and love highlighting the bond between parent and child.

The darling of the Internet, Baby Yoda has been a big hit with all ages. With this collection of tattoos, you can proudly display your socially acceptable obsession with this little green creature. Wear your tattoo with pride. This is the way.

Which is your favorite tattoo design? Tell us in the comments below:

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